He was innocent, not a charge was true …

cowWe’re off tomorrow to a super-secret double-probation grievance hearing to answer an angry Greenwich homeowner’s complaint that I made fun of his house and thus prevented its sale. Notwithstanding my profound regret at offending the poor sod, he apparently insists on going forward so I’ll be tied up most of the morning with a bank of white shoe lawyers and paralegals, armed with instant transcription machines and fighting for my professional life. Oh, the horror!

I’ll see about live-blogging the proceedings.


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18 responses to “He was innocent, not a charge was true …

  1. Brian

    Just do not forget the First Amendment!!!
    and much other free stuff in our country….

  2. pulled up in OG

    Did ya pick out a nice outfit at Diamond Baratta yet?
    Google circus clowns for some ideas. Frankie can help with the makeup.

  3. Glug Glug in Greenwich

    A 2X probation?
    Are you already on probation?
    Is this before a Silly Sally’s Board committee or something more serious?
    Just show them that there’s actually only about a dozen of us that actually READ your blog…
    Chin up.

  4. Kick ass tomorrow, Chris!! I’d offer to testify in your behalf, but my participation might escalate the discussion with these whining losers to raucous violence.

  5. WaitingToBuy

    You are a BraverMan than me.

  6. Pinzgauer

    How does the Board of Realtors have standing over a grievance of someones blog. Nowhere in your post do you say that your opinions are those of a Realtor. If they cause you quantifiable damages by overstepping their juristiction a nice settlement should be in order, no?

  7. Anonymous

    Did the illustrious buyers back out of the transaction once they read your review of the property?

    Fortunate that you are not a theatre critic, as there would be no plays to be seen, no theatres left open. All discarded by their patrons.

    Do theatres hold the critics accountable when a performance is viewed poorly or a house left half full (I’m not a half full kind of girl but whatever)?

  8. Old School Grump

    Let us know if BJ O’Rourke is imvolved.

  9. The Duke of Deceptiom

    The Duke sincerely wishes you the best of luck.

    Not that you should need it…

  10. dogwalker

    Oh, please, get a live feed . . . and cam, of course!

  11. Walt

    Dude –
    If “fighting for your professional life” takes any more than 2 minutes, you are wasting your time.
    And I didn’t know you had a “professional life”. Weren’t you a lawyer and “real estate professional”?
    That is on par with a circus geek.
    Speaking of par, when you are done, pop over at RCC and sling my clubs for a quick 18. My putter is popping!!
    Your Pal,

  12. Auntie Paige

    Diamond Baratta? Just prepare to bend over the super custom made op art couch and let them have their way with you…

  13. Anonymous

    Why a cow?

    Isn’t the usual term “horse’s ass”?

  14. Old Coot

    If it goes badly you could always flee to France.

  15. Lorin

    Chin up chap…it’ll be tossed fer sure..

    ( Not by chance involving the flamboyant plaid decor, is it? )

  16. Peg

    If you have to go to prison, Christopher, I’ll come out east and bake ya brownies.

    Some people just never know when to SHUT UP – do they? (And I am not talking about you!)

  17. Martha

    Good luck, not that you should need it. The whole thing is udderly (haha) ridiculous! You are living in Greenwich, not North Korea, right??

  18. anon1

    What happened, CF?