I’ll take the headline, Your Honor

Norman Hsu, Hillary Clinton’s chief fund raiser, has been sentenced to jail for fraud, but Hsu knows for how long? The NY Times headline says 2 years, the article itself claims 24. If he’s smart, Hsu will show that headline to his jailer and try to arrange short term accommodations.


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2 responses to “I’ll take the headline, Your Honor

  1. Anonymous

    Another huge Hillary donor, Hassan Nemazee, is about to see the inside of a cell for a long time. He was also an Obummer fund raiser big time but does the NY Times tell you about that? Nooooooooooo!

  2. Anonymous

    If politicians had to screen donors for legitimacy, they’d probably be unable to find enough legit, major donors

    It’s a sleazy business all-around: moron/corrupt community organizers w/plenty of skeletons in own laughable “careers” before politics; dubious “businessmen” representing various special interests; and lots of dumb, emotional voters, one man/one vote