Them furriners sure do like these condos, eh?

A unit at “Riverstone”, the condo project on the west bank of the Byram River that I consider to be part of Port Chester but the developers refer to as “Glenville” has gone to contract, after just six days,to a “foreign buyer”. That would be anyone from out of town, I guess. If I were a resident of New York state and could escape that jurisdiction’s taxes by buying a fresh new condo in Connecticut without having to get my feet wet, I’d do it. Otherwise, perhaps not.


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7 responses to “Them furriners sure do like these condos, eh?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Maybe its one of those families caught in the new ‘prove your residency’ requirement at greenwich high school.

    • christopherfountain

      In fact, CC, most of those illegals are using their grandparents’ address in Cos Cob to attend that school.

  2. Cos Cobber

    No such shenanigans goes on in Cos Cob, I can assure you for we are all home schooled on this side of the harbor.

    Speaking of address’. How about that fellow in the news on Carrona, adjacent to the 06878 train station? I dont disagree with your practical position against the ordinance….but I do not know what should be done with fellows like Drupals either.

    • christopherfountain

      He does make it hard to take a principled stand on the issue, CC, I’ll admit. But my real objection to the ordinance is that it bars all registered sex offenders from public places regardless of their crime or when it occured. Should they restrict its effect to pedophiles, I’d be happier – no one that I know, defense attorney or prosecutor, seems to doubt that pedophiles are recidivists – who knows why?

    • christopherfountain

      Frankie Fudrucker is home schooled, but by his kids. It shows, sometimes, especially around election time. It’s amusing thiough to see him when it snows – his ears prick up and he starts making whirring, grinding noises like a Jeep pushing a little snowplow. No education beyond a life in Cos Cob necessary to teach that!

  3. Cos Cobber

    Correct, do not get in the way of a Cos Cobber and his snowfall. Thats frozen gold falling from the sky and we are just the people to “redistribute” it (just ask Jimmy Himes about redistribution).

    On a serious note CF, while I see you have completely failed to take notice, residents of Cos Cob actually have been steadily beating their snowplows into calculators (work with me) over the past two decades. On my street of thirty+ households, I think just two bother to plow for cash these days. I dont know why they pass up on the E-z money. Heck, some have even started to hire a plow. Paying for a plow in Cos Cob; what the! I don’t know where they are getting their plows, but I suspect they hire cheaper labor from Pemberwick. Anywho, Cos Cob’s days as a powerbroker for snow removal maybe on the decline. Next up, retail banking!

    PS – what do Riversiders do for spare cash? Insider trading? Withhold brokerage commissions?

    All the best from the deep side of the harbor.

    • christopherfountain

      I can’t speak for all Riversiders but we used to put our cute little blond haired tykes on the corner selling vegetables at Hay Day prices. When they’d run out, I’d bring another truckload down from up state. Sure beat lemonade stands (although I did learn them how to knock those off)