Hollywood protects its own

While Whoopie Goldberg, Angelica Houston and Woody Allen (there’s a surprise) rush to Roman Polanski’s defense, ABC News has thoughtfully brought back the original story of this animal plying a 13 year old girl with Quaaludes and champagne and then enjoying oral, vaginal and anal sex with her. “But he’s served his time,” his Hollywood friends wail. All 42 days of it. Let him rot in jail.


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14 responses to “Hollywood protects its own

  1. Anonymous

    My favorite quote in this mess comes from “the philosopher Bernard-Henri Lévy, who suggested that perhaps the Swiss had more serious criminal matters to attend to than Mr. Polanski, who, he said, ‘perhaps had committed a youthful error.’ ” (NY Times, 9/29/09)

    Youthful? Polanski was 43 years old at the time – a veritable dirty old man well over three times the age of his victim.

    These jerks defending him are making fools of themselves.

    How is this case different from that of Alex Kelly who, at least, was close in age to his young victim?

    Maybe Kelly’s defenders could within some degree of reason describe his high school crime as a “youthful error,” but Polanski’s crime was far more egregious and calculated and his efforts at flouting the law more outrageous.

    And just who the hell is this frog Bernard-Henri Lévy anyway?

    • christopherfountain

      I suspect, given the drivel he posts here, Mssr. Levy Is the alter-ego of our Vineyard Vines.

  2. Vineyard Vines


    thanks for saying oral, vaginal and anal sex

    I didn’t know you were the expert on this subject

    • christopherfountain

      Intercourse per anum and per os, like pederasty, are big words for a little girl too, Vineyard, but she had them demonstrated on her by Mr. Polanski. I used simpler words for idiots like you and your Hollywood friends.

  3. Helsa Poppin

    Hollywood types are decadent, and the rest of the opinion-makers in our society, while maybe they don’t live the same lifestyle, have similar values.

    I think they really are surprised that anyone thinks child rape is such a big deal. Witness the outpourings of grief for Michael Jackson this summer. Witness the collective shrugs over ACORN’s workers giving advice on how to declare illegal immigrant underage prostitutes as dependents on taxes.

    The mindset on display is that having the correct politics exempts you from actually having to behave yourself in your personal life, and success in entertainment, sports, business, or politics comes with a free pass for all kinds of reprehensible conduct. Look no further than Ted Kennedy for the classic case.

  4. dogwalker

    Would you feel that it helped your case to have Woody Allen on your side?

    My opinion of Anjelica Huston just plummeted. The kid could have been up to 25 years old? Oye.

  5. HG

    Age of the victim is secondary here, as Polanski himself seems to have admitted to drugging her. In today’s less male-biased legal system, they might have made a case against him for rape itself. When are we going to levy the death penalty on people like this?

  6. fred

    You know what the truly sick part of this story is?
    That fuckin scumbag Polansky actually admits he did those things and claims they were consentual. What the fuck! Consentual sex with a 13 year old!! Is he outta his motherfucking mind?
    My blood is boiling.

    So where were the authorities all these years??? They left him alone so he could steal the souls of other children?? OMG.

    As per the Hollywood illuminatti: the same fuckers came out for Obama too. Maybe Obama got somthing else going on; membership in NAMBLA perhaps?

    At any rate that scumbag Polansky should end up in a cell next to Manson.

  7. Cobra

    Interesting that Polansky fled to France, where they apparently condone such behavior.

    I wonder how many other young people he’s debauched since his flight from the US?

  8. Anonymous

    People don’t learn such behavior in their 30s or 40s, nor do they ever delearn such stuff, even if charged/convicted, sent to prison or lose much wealth, etc

    Their supporters tend to have own skeletons, not surprising when one considers socio-economic origins and psychiatric “issues” of 99%+ of entertainers or politicians….

  9. Vineyard Vines' Mom

    Please go easy on my son. He was dropped in early childhood and has been simple ever since. FYI he sometimes posts using his family nickname: Buttplug.

    We love him dearly.

  10. Greenwich Gal

    It is truly a distortion of reality. Where are the outraged feminists when you need them? The only one I’ve seen is Gloria Allred this morning taking Mayor Willie Brown down on NBC. Back to law school, Mr. Brown.

  11. Peg

    Christopher, Christopher…… All the poor man did was relax a frisky young girl to engage in some frivolity with a Very Important and Famous Artist. Wouldn’t most of us simply leap at that opportunity? So she said “no” a few times. Ah, I’m sure she was just playing “hard to get.”

    Do you really want to impede the artistic juices (ahem) of this Now Even More Famous and Important Artist? Please.

    After all. It isn’t like he did something truly vile – like tapping his toes in a bathroom stall (Larry Craig). We know how the left reacted to that horrific crime!

  12. OG

    Greenwich Gal – there’s a petition at the new agenda’s website about this. Sooooo hoping he gets a hefty jail sentence for this that he actually has to carry out. I saw a report on Elizabeth Smart’s testimony today and could you imagine anyone famous saying her abductor should be let go and that is was somehow ‘consensual’? Granted there’s a difference as she was kidnapped and it happened over a much longer period of time, but violation of a 13/14 year-old is still a violation and Polanski should rot.