Round Hill land sale, with house

549 Round Hill Rd

549 Round Hill Rd

1775 house on 7 + acres on the corner of Round Hill and Close (Burying? – up there somewhere). Listed at just $5.2 million, sold for $4.5 million. I guess that’s a useful data point for a building lot, though I hope the antique stays – it should, because 7 acres in a 4 acre zone leaves plenty of FAR room for a new house as well as this one.

19 Doverton, mentioned here yesterday as having been withdrawn/deleted, is in fact under contract. There were two listings, one as land, one as residential, and the agent pulled one yesterday but the contract didn’t make the MLS until this morning. Last asking oprice was $2.2 million.

UPDATE: 10/1/09: Reported sold today for $1.8 million. Assessment: $3 million. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.


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3 responses to “Round Hill land sale, with house

  1. Anonymous

    Hope the new property owner does what he wants w/the “antique” or dump on his property

    Annoying are penniless preservationists who try to dictate their Luddite preferences to others, intruding upon property rights of others

  2. Buyer

    I am sure that you have addressed this before, but does the state of Connecticut and/or Greenwich have any rules or any kind protecting historic homes? I understand a free market economy and hate how many northern NE towns abuse “landmark” status to control growth. However, a house built in 1775 must have SOME type of protection, no? Is Greenwich that shallow?

  3. one affected

    So sad to say there are no guidelines here other than past experience– this is one of the only old houses left on the road but no one wants to encumber a sale– we can only hope this treasure stays where it belongs– it was the birthplace of the Women’s Republican Party, if I remember what my mother said