Away until October 9th

gondolierI’m off to Venice for a week and won’t be posting again at least until tomorrow (travel day) and, if I can’t access the Internet (or as a reader has suggested, I can’t find anything better to do with my time in that city than blog) perhaps nothing until I return. I was going to turn off the moderation feature on comments and let all my well-behaved readers have free rein but trolls are everywhere and I balked at the task of cleaning up after them next week.

So no comments, no posts, bummer. But please do check back in a couple of days and, failing that, October 9th.

Whatever you do, don’t you dare buy a house before I return!


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14 responses to “Away until October 9th

  1. Say it Aint So!

    You can not go silent for a week I will have nothing to read!

    • christopherfountain

      I suggest any of the three real estate columns in our papers. You’ll feel cheerful and happy about “the biggest investment of your life” for a full week. Until I return.

  2. Stanwich

    Hey, do a little real estate recon for us while you are there. Venice has been plagued by a declining population, but what has that done to property values long term/near term? Give us an idea of what a place in Venice would run us if we wanted to live in a sinking city (probably more than in New Orleans). Anyway, a vacation is nice but we expect more from you.

  3. Peg

    Oooh – have a stupendous time, Christopher!

    I, too, will be gone much of that time. Western Iowa for a bridge tournament.

    I know you are jealous – but – try to control your emotions. Make do with your lot.

  4. Retired IB'er

    Bon voyage and look foward to your rejuvinated return.

  5. Sambone

    Have fun, be safe, and don’t use your Bank of America ATM card to get cash overseas, because they will charge the S*** out of you in fees!

  6. Have a great time Chris. When you return everything will be properly priced and both buyers and sellers will be happy.

    Just kidding.

  7. Jane

    Happy trails.

  8. Anonymous

    Scope out RE in Geneva to see what the arbitrages might be for local hedgies

  9. Inagua

    Chris, I was there a few months ago. I recommend the music in St. Mark’s Square at night and the glass blowing place.

  10. The Duke of Deceptiom

    Have the linguini.

  11. Walter M Noel Jr

    So long Chris. I have deposits at the First National Bank of Venice. Look me up.

  12. Have a few Peroni for me, will you?

  13. Anonymous