Obama the Incompetent

How do you waste so much political capital (not to mention the carbon emissions from four huge jets) on such a dumb idea as the Chicago Olympics and then lose? Instantly! In the first round of voting! A Chicago politician, of all people, should know that you don’t go into a knife fight without a gun and you don’t put your Presidential prestige at risk without knowing in advance that you’re going to win. This guy is oddly, even bizarrely disconnected from reality.

So now the world’s laughing at us, France – France! – is warning us about appeasement in the conduct of our foreign affairs and Russia and the ChiComs are warning us about too much socialism in our economics.

Job data isn’t too swift either. A one term president?


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25 responses to “Obama the Incompetent

  1. Anonymous

    Amusing incompetence

    Cost of flying all those big birds to go to Podunk to beg is trivial vs wasted tax dollars of staging Olympics in US

    Olympics are a silly marketing event that corporate advertisers or 3rd World countries should finance if truly valuable for marketing, not US taxpayers

  2. KC

    If he had a good reason for this boondoggle, I’d certainly like to know. Sometimes I hesitate to question these sorts of things (I know, silly of me) figuring that they must have had a legitimate reason but I just can’t figure this one. Would he have done this for any American city? Does he forget that he’s no longer supposed to be representing Illinois but the whole country? Are they doing anything else worthwhile there? The questions and the growing astonishment go on and on.

  3. FlyAngler

    But Chris, The Media is telling us it was Mayor Daley’s fault.

    No, wait, now its because of Chicago’s lame proposal (Rio proposed spending 3X what Chicago proposed).

    No, now it is The Media is telling us it is because of the recent videos of gang violence that scared the World.

    Whoa! Now they are telling us that all the delegates from Asia voted for Tokyo as a block in the first round dooming Chicago’s bid.

    Wait, now they say “blame it on Rio”.

    I think it would have been Chicago if the folks at ACORN had not been sidelined with other matters.

  4. anonymous

    Hate to say it, but you are 100 percent right.
    Sarkozy’s cotempt is the kicker.

  5. FlyAngler

    Ooops! Seems I forgot one more scapegoat (from Gateway Pundit):

    Senator Rowland Burris of Illinois, the Senator who was appointed to fill President Barack Obama’s vacant Senate seat, blames George Bush for Chicago not getting the Olympics in 2016.

    Burris stated in an interview, shortly after the announcement, that the image of the U. S. has been so tarnished in the last 8 years that, even Barack Obama making an unprecedented pitch for the games could not overcome the hatred the world has for us as a result of George Bush.

  6. Anonymous

    His Copenhagen speech was typical Barry, full of “I” and “me.” It was all about why Chicago is special to narcissus Barry.

  7. Anonymous

    Calm down, Chris! You’re suffering from jet lag.

    Just sleep it off, and you’ll be fine.

  8. cynic1

    Four huge engines on his plane … isnt the half of it … add his wifes huge plane with oprah , four more engines … and the huge cargo jet, add four more engines, with his limo and other security vehicles as well as the security detail… can you say $10 million dollars and how much CO2 ?

  9. Bkid

    You americans are funny, so arrogant, and I am glad at least your president seems not be one of them (arrogant). He understand that US is so disconnected to world reality, that he at least is trying to connect to foreign entities, All Presidents of all other countries were there representing their bids, so why not him? You americans believe you´re superior of some sort. Sorry, not anymore. Obama tried to show some support for an economic event as Olympic would bring to any country/city as Chicago. It was just meant to be Brazil time. By the way, If he had not shown up, and Chicago would have been in second place, you (americans)would bash and would have said that if he was there Chicago would have won. Go figure !

  10. Stump

    If Bkid thinks our president is not arrogant, his observations about anything else are suspect.

  11. Anonymous

    Glen says they promoted Chicago because O has a few friends in Chicago who own a great deal of property.
    No doubt, a few of the building companies and ‘swimming pool makers’ need a bit of business to come their way also.
    They would have been very grateful for the recommendation from the President. A man who happens to be a skilled ‘organiser’, would undeniably have been able to personally organise the completion of the Olympic Village by 2018.

    The funniest reason for not getting the Olympics for 2016, when CHINA just had them, is that Bush scuppered their chances!!!! How do you manage to breed ’em?

    Apart from me, I have never heard of such a pair of introspective people as the O’s. How do they manage to focus everything so that it relates to them and where they learnt to play ball? They are truly amazing.

  12. anon1

    Nope, Bkid. don’t agree with you. Obama wants to be the nice guy and everyone around the world to LIKE him. It is a stupid goal and one that can put this country in great danger. Embracing terroist leaders and taking their word is just plain dumb…..even the French are incredulous at Obama’s naivety.

  13. Bkid

    See your comment…”Embracing terrorist leaders and taking their word is just plain dumb”. Where in my comment I said was correct or wrong about embracing terrorist ? If you can read, the TOPIC was olympic games and his trip to Copenhagen (Denmark). Unless you belive Denmark is a terrorist country, LOL.

  14. '73Refugee

    Check out this article from the NY Times Sports section:

    Obama Administration Was Clueless

    “A sense of stunned bewilderment suffused Air Force One and the White House. Only after the defeat did many advisers ask questions about the byzantine politics of the Olympic committee. Valerie Jarrett, the president’s senior adviser and a Chicago booster who persuaded him to make the trip while at the United Nations last week, had repeatedly compared the contest to the Iowa caucuses.”

    Rookie mistake.


  15. Greenwich Gal

    I am in agreement with anon1. Obama was very foolish to waste political capital on something as fleeting and silly as the Olympics. No good to come of it even if Chicago had won. Then he would be accused of cronyism and what not when all the inevitable construction overruns and kickbacks were discovered. Happens in every Olympics.

  16. Lorin

    Not an Obama fan, but if all other leaders of contending countries actually did go to Copenhagen, why wouldn’t ours?

  17. This matters

    Bkid at 11:37 pm Oct 2 said:

    “All Presidents of all other countries were there representing their bids, so why not him?”

    Is this true? Were the other presidents (or equivalents) there? If it is true, it matters. Can someone please confirm this statement?

    Old School Grump

  18. Anon13

    How arrogant for the U.S. to think it could capture the slot. We not long ago hosted Atlanta and Utah, and soon another North American slot – British Columbia. The U.S. days are waning — Brazil is an emerging power — why should North America get another bid? Chicago didn’t have a chance — how stupid of Obama.

  19. Mak

    I, for one, don’t think he wasted any “political capital” trying to make the case.

    Did he fail? I’m not sure, because the decision was probably made months or even years ago. Was it important for him to try to help? Of course it was, because he represents the best of the USA. If he didn’t try, the naysayers would have claimed that he didn’t care about it (and consequently, doesn’t care about the USA). Since he DID try (and didn’t succeed) now he’s considered to have wasted some political capital.

    I guess you can’t win for trying.

  20. Bkid

    Old School Grump.

    Recently elected Prime minister of Japan (Yukio Hatoyama ), Japan´s highest authority was there during 2 days. Luiz Ignacio Lula da Silva, Brazilian Presidents was there, King Ruan Carlos of Spain and its prime minister Zapatero was there. Obama was the only one that left earlier, and did not attended the last ceremony, spent 5 hrs and had to return to USA…. seach the web and you will verify what I am telling you. They were all campainging for their countries, so, what was the problem of Obama representing the USA?

  21. Bkid

    Old School Grump

    here is a link from CNN stating who would attend

    and they all went

  22. HG

    Seems fine and necessary for the President to represent US business interests, just as other elected officials seek to have the Olympics and other important events come their states, cities, etc. On the other hand, I think the internationalists, and third world triumphalists posting here need a clear look at reality.

    First, if you are a European or whatever congratulating yourself on your broad minded love of President Obama while entertaining your contempt for middle America, let me remind you the US president is (basically) elected directly by a majority vote of the population. I realize representative Democracy is confusing since you are so new to it, but the way it works is if you think our elected officials are great, you can’t really have contempt for Americans. Also, for Obama to win in 2008, he had to attract some voters who voted for Bush in 2004.

    By the way, didn’t your favorite US president recently decide to keep the barbarians at Gitmo locked up? Do you internationalists even care about the actual issues? The message is that the American people wield American power…right now they are just doing it through this particular President.

  23. Arouet

    This whole story is so overblown. Of course he had to go. Of course we weren’t going to win. Both results were predestined.

  24. Mad Monkey

    Mak, I agree with 100%. I’m a hardcore conservative Republican and I support President Obama fully. Why? Because I’m an American first. Like it or not, he’s OUR President. If he fails, then the country fails. I wish him, his family and his administration every success imaginable in turning this country around.

    God bless this great nation.

  25. WAM

    Imagine anybody saying this Idiot Obama is not narcissistic, In his speeches he uses the words “Me’ And “I” an average every 13 seconds, Most of the time less than that!!! then he lies about things and contradicts himself then when confronted with the contradiction he says “Let Me Make It Clear” (As If We Are Incapable Of Understanding His Statements because we are simple minded) then he sets you up for the contrary lie, He says “I have always said”, Or “I have consistently said” then out comes a lie completely reversing a previous statement, And then he thinks because of his so called personal charisma that he can brainwash us into believing the lies, Believe it or not the more simple minded of us who are unwilling to admit they made a real big mistake in voting for him do believe this meaningless prattle that he spews and being as gullible as they are they will argue about these things with others no matter how much evidence contradicts them

    I was talking to a friend the other day and mentioned Obama lost his bid for Chicago and that he was narcissistic and my friend said he never saw that side of Obama’s personality, obviously he has been living on the moon or wearing a blindfold and had his ears plugged up the last few years.

    I told him you have to be kidding, He gave the queen of England a crummy IPOD crammed full of his lousy speeches, As if the gift itself was not an insult enough it’s contents were even more of a insult and an indicator of just how self centered and narcissistic he really is, He probably thinks that she cherishes the very sound of his voice so much that she would blindly be his slave and would kiss his butt if he asked her to.

    This inept clown is a clear and present danger to this country, He has already done irreversible damage to this country, He is a puppet to Ron Emanual and David Axelrod , His ineptness and incompetence is even more far beyond that of the dementia king Jimmy Carter who was absolutely the worst president this country ever has elected.

    Do you know why Obama has not made a decision on Afghanistan, It is because no matter which way he votes his poll ratings will drop and so will his last chance to pass his healthcare agenda which will bankrupt this country, So he falls into the old behavior patterns he is famous for and does nothing which is the equivalent of voting PRESENT which will not make him more unpopular than he already is and will buy him more time , Obama in my opinion is truly a mutton head with no practical executive or military experience to lead this country and proves my points about his incompetence on a daily basis.