The more educated, the dumber

Proving that well-educated people can be panicked just as thoroughly and well as their most primitive ancestors, Greenwich Academy parents have succeeded in forcing the school to spend $100 grand on replacing recycled rubber mulch for wood chips. Is rubber safe? Absolutely and been proven to be so in test after test. Is wood inferior as a playground mulch? Depends how you feel about provining a burrow for rats and snakes and whether you want your kid to play on an ice-hard surface in winter. GA parents do.

“Of course it [rubber mulch] is completely safe,” one administrator is quoted, “but the perception….”. And that’s what passes for science these days among the elite: perception. Don’t confuse me with facts, it’s my feelings that count.

These are the same mommies who you’ll find shunning vaccines and spending their family’s money on wholly worthless homeopathic “remedies” at Whole Foods because, after all, it just feels so good to protect their child, doesn’t it?

I don’t wish harm on their children, but perhaps aq slight does of measels?


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7 responses to “The more educated, the dumber

  1. Anonymous

    You got me again on my favorite subject.
    Would you take a drug that hasn’t been tested? In double-blind studies?

    Well, I know the answer to that, Mr. ‘Tiger Penis’, but when your own Mr. P drops off, you will wish that you had listened to me, the ‘expert’ in these matters.

    But back to vaccination. The vaccines have not all been comprehensively tested, unlike the drugs used to treat our diseases and even then the risks of the drugs only become apparent later.

    I can assure you that, in my opinion, NONE of the mothers that you refer to at GA have EVER considered NOT vaccinating their child. They wouldn’t fit the psychological profile. I should know, psychology (as well as ethics!) was part of my degree..
    The school nurse at a private school (not GA) told me that she had NEVER submitted an immunisation exemption form to the CT State Education Department. That information indicates to me that all children are fully vaccinated at the particular school. Duh!

    Did you survive the Measles?
    I had it when I was 12 years old and Chickenpox when I was 20 years old.
    Do you know when the Chickenpox vaccine loses its effectiveness? After ten years, the chickenpox vaccine is required to be repeated as its effectiveness to prevent disease diminishes, until of course, they decide that no repeats are ‘required’. The ‘five year booster’ for Hepatitis B is no longer ‘done’. Why is that do you think? Too many adverse reactions?

    My children are vaccinated against Measles, because they have terrified me enough. Are you frightened enough yet to get the Piggy Flu vaccine?
    Me? Not just yet. Give it time.

    Back to the recycled tyres. Carry on….

    Have a fab time, by the way.

  2. Red

    That’s nice. So when are those GA mommies also going to downsize their own giant eco-unfriendly homes, sprinkler-watered lawns, multiple SUVs (no school buses for our own precious girls!), jet flights to weekends in Colorado, Florida, etc? No sacrifice too great.

  3. NHRR

    This reminds me of the work just announced that debunked the “hockey stick” temperature chart that all the global warming types cite to prove the world’s been warming up. Turns out, the original data was cherry-picked. The warmest the Earth has been, was in the 11th century… Don’t think I’ll be hearing about this from the MSM, though.

  4. Anonymous

    A little knowledge (or money) is a dangerous thing…esp in hands of ex-English major moms who lack analytic and/or risk judgment skills (not that many of their salesman hubbies are much better)

  5. Greenwich Gal

    Sorry, but rubber mulch is just wrong. The whole concept of it is wrong. Mulch that does not decompose or offer any nutrition or organic protection. Wrong. In every way. Not to mention tacky as hell. I am with the GA Moms.

  6. Towny

    what is wrong with sand?

    It was sand for 50 years and now its wood chips or simulated plastic wood chips.

    Who’d rather fall in a pile of woodchips compared to a pile of sand?

    I just dont get it. As a matter of fact, I just dont get most of what my fellow American’s are up to these days.

  7. Yeahhh, Thank God it’s Friday. Welcome home. I REALLY missed you.