Federal employees make twice as much as private sector workers

And they get a better health care plan. At some point, and I know this comes as news to liberals, we can’t all work for the government.


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3 responses to “Federal employees make twice as much as private sector workers

  1. Anonymous

    Need to properly risk-adjust government income for no need to actually do any work or deliver measurable productivity or profit to employer; can’t be fired no matter ineptitude or recession: damn lucrative work vs a dead-end private sector job

  2. towny

    Anon: Does your statement hold true for our millitary in Afganistan and Iraq? Or is it just another of the silly generalised statements you blow out of your ass.

    • christopherfountain

      Towny, my guess is that are military are the only federal employees making far less than the civilian sector. In a perfect world, Congress would get a dog face’s pay and the heroes would pull in $200 gs.