This just in from Scusie

Scusie Gossip, girl reporter

Scusie Gossip, girl reporter

Scene; Riverside resident and sports announcer Frank Gifford was seen the morning of Sept. 26 at Balducci’s in Riverside getting a cup of coffee.

How did we live without that information from September 26 until now? And Scusie, did he take it black or with cream and sugar? Inquiring minds want to (need to) know.


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5 responses to “This just in from Scusie

  1. aj

    what passes for journalism in greewich

  2. dogwalker

    Is it just me, or does CF seem to post quite a quantity of photos of . . . ummm . . . large women? Has me wondering what websites he is frequenting to find them. . . . inquiring minds . . .

  3. Cal

    Please don’t tell me she actually draws a salary for that column.