A few more sales and contracts

429 Taconic, 12 acres and an antique way up near Banksville, sold today for $7 million. Started at $12 million in May, 2008.

27 Hettifred, off King Street, sold for $994,000. Original asking price in 2005 was $1.695.

8 Sherwood Farm Lane, new in 2006 and priced at $5.8 million in 2007 dropped its price to $3.8 some months ago and is now under contract. Nothing like a $2 million price reduction to stir up interest.


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6 responses to “A few more sales and contracts

  1. Dan

    So, does that 12 acre sale create a good comp for “Whispering Winds” on North Street?

  2. Class of '66

    I’ve live near 429 Taconic and am beyond thrilled someone bought her. She needs a big happy family (with deep pockets) to bring her back to life. If the new owner reads this blog, congrats.

  3. RR

    what does the Sherwood Farm sale say about the value of 16 Stillman that is for sale? How fast is that part of town eroding?

    • christopherfountain

      Seems to have dropped at least a million from 2005 sales, RR. And I don’t think that process will be stopping for awhile.