Trickle down economics

Global recession pushes Costa Rican prostitution prices down 50%.


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4 responses to “Trickle down economics

  1. Cos Cobber

    So what’s your stimulus plan for these ladies?

  2. Anonymous

    Lots of frugal guys opting for DIY approach these days

  3. digler

    No reason to pay ladies in CR unless that type of arrangement is how you roll. I can assure you that if you go down that path you are not getting any where near the quality that you can find if you make a little effort on your own. Digler lives in CR and has all his teeth, a car, a crib (superstyley w/ocean view) and a job which is all it takes to score plenty of latin lovelies. We have our wanted (and unwanted) but, on the whole, this is a great spot to take refuge from the shitestorm that is enveloping my beloved USA.

  4. fred

    Dig: How’s the fishing?