Bogus Baucus Baloney

Forbes looks at Senator Baucus’s ObamaKare numbers and say’s they’re completely, hopelessly wrong. Of course they are- everyone knows this (except, perhaps, Senator Baucus himself – a friend of mine who used to report on his doings in Montana says the entire press corp considered him the dumbest politician in the country) but no one cares. Again, it’s not about saving money, it’s about centralizing the economy. Anyone who says different is lying.


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4 responses to “Bogus Baucus Baloney

  1. Anonymous

    Surely you jest. Dumber than Maxine?

  2. How about the queen of carefully crafted confusion, Madame Pelosi?

    She has to rank right up there with Maxine and Bogus.

  3. Anonymous

    all this lying, obfuscation, race-baiting, and stealing money from children, just so illegals can get american health care and vote democrat…

    eventually a lot of people are going to get very angry.

  4. aliprowl

    Actually, Anon, a lot of people already are.
    Vote Newt/Rush in 2012!