Remember, children, the (newly) poor have their troubles, as well as the rich

Markie Madoff cracks under stress, storms away from his apartment on a Vespa. Has anyone seen him at his Cherry Valley house recently? Where’s Scusie when we need her?


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2 responses to “Remember, children, the (newly) poor have their troubles, as well as the rich

  1. Art Lover

    Here’s one that Scusie missed.

    Have you seen the new statue in front of Peter Brant’s museum on the Polo fields at Conyers Farm? It is the controversial statue “Santa with Butt Plug” by American artist Paul McCarthy.

    The 20 meter high statue got people talking about it back in 2001, when it was supposed to be placed in an outdoor museum square in Rotterdam but was objected to by the residents there. It seems that the city bought the statue for almost EUR 300,000 but couldn’t find a suitable place for it.

    Welcome to Greenwich Santa.

    The link to a photo of Santa:

  2. KC

    Of course, it’s not my business but I can’t help wondering where the Madoff family will wind up. It seems like they might not want to stay in the NYC area but could they put up with living with us hicks out in the hinterlands? Of course, I am assuming the federally funded living space is nowhere in their future.