Round Hill Road’s new lustre

News that Raj Rajaratnam, of 577 Round Hill Road, was arrested today for insider trading has got me wondering how many felons and no-goods inhabit that street.

We start with the Queen of Mean, Leona Hemsley and even if she has passed on to her just rewards her house is still sitting unsold.

Walter Fredric Bourke, convicted felon, awaits sentencing November 10th

Walter Noel, unconvicted felon, awaits bankruptcy

Dom Devito isn’t waiting for anything – he’s in jail (I think that’s right – Dom? You still around?)

The Antares Boys live just off Round Hill, temporarily, on Mooreland – I vote we give them honorary membership in this roll of giants


That’s seven, off the top of my head, but I’m sure there are more. Feel free to contribute

UPDATE: A reader reminds of of Ed Scheetz, the Morgan (?) guy found with a dead prostitute in his bed, and David Stockman. I’ll give him Scheetz but I think Stockman got  bum rap and in fact, the charges against him were dismissed. We probably have some felonious athletes on the road too, no?

Update II – wasn’t one of Noel’s deputies living across the street from him in the house once owned by Casey Jones? What was (is) his name? [ah – Charles, “Chuck” Murphy, 202 Round Hill Road]. Here’s a story about his selling his NYC  townhouse. I believe Round Hill is still his.


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3 responses to “Round Hill Road’s new lustre

  1. Anonymous


  2. DB

    Bringing up felons and the reason I first found this blog, how are the Antares boys doing?

  3. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    It’s Rick Bourke. Not Walter. That be me.
    And Dude – I am fine. No way this Bernie stuff touches me. A few million in legal maybe, but hey. HAY!!!! That is the price of admission. no biggie.
    Anyway – I am bored. Let’s call Stephanie on the Housewives of Greenwich concept. It is a winner Dude. I feel it. Or maybe that is just a tingle from looking at Stephanie pics?
    Who cares. Give her a call and set up brunch.
    Your Pal,