Stimulus fun

Yesterday I pointed out that, using the fed’s own figures, each of the puny 30,000 jobs “created or saved” cost $74,000 – pretty pricey for a shovel-wielder. Michigan, though, has outdone itself, spending $1,550,000 for each of its 319 jobs. Now it is possible that there are 319 new millionaires in Michigan as I write, driving their Bentleys or even buying coats for poor folk at Burlington Warehouse. And it’s possible that around the county, 30,000 employees are savoring their tripling in pay.

It’s possible. It is also possible, however, and far more likely, that bureaucrats are having a fine time skimming off all this plunder and leaving crumbs for their charges. Years ago I read that for what we were spending on welfare we could give every poor man, woman and child $120,000 a year and still save money. That never happened, for some odd reason. Perhaps this time, it will.

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  1. Anonymous

    Government jobs are just another costly form of welfare for the unskilled and lazy