What shrieks Merry Christmas louder than Santa with a butt plug?

(Bumped) Thanks to reader Art Lover, we can share with you a picture of Peter Brant’s latest contribution to Greenwich and the art world, “Santa with butt plug”, 24-foot high and currently ensconced up on the polo fields. I’m sure Brant’s a nice fellow and, other than being a tad forgetful about paying taxes, a shrewd businessman, but do you ever wonder how someone dumb enough to buy this sort of “art” was smart enough to accumulate the money to buy it in the first place? I do.

Up yours, Greenwich

Up yours, Greenwich


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15 responses to “What shrieks Merry Christmas louder than Santa with a butt plug?

  1. Riverside

    Oh my god!!

    (If you ever lose your day job, you would be great at writing headlines for the New York Post!)

  2. Cotswood

    At least he doesn’t skimp on the details – that is the revered/feared Triple Ripple Saint Nick is wielding! But remember, that one doesn’t go DOWN your chimney…

  3. Hu Nhu?

    It help a lot if you:
    1. Start by having a rich dad

    2. Evade taxes

    3. Stiff your creditors whenever possible, even off-duty cops.

    Not complicated. Few smarts needed. Chutzpah much needed.

  4. Chimney

    You think that’s bad- have you ever seen some of Damien Hurst’s works? Talk about sickos!

  5. Stanwich

    Tasteless and tawdry, just like the owner.

  6. Back Country Girl

    When I drove past this (with a van full of children), I thought to myself “is that? no…couldn’t be…it must be a strange xmas tree?”. I can’t believe it actually IS.

    I have to say, this guy is a real freak to put a giant thing like that out where mostly only us suburban moms and all the children drive past it during the day and see it in the daylight. Who exactly is his audience?

  7. KC

    Santa’s going to be really mad when he sees that and I don’t blame him at all. I hope that he doesn’t blame all the boys and girls of Greenwich for the folly of one but, having faith in Santa as I do, I think he’ll see through it.

  8. I sure hope that’s a bell handle Santa is fondling with his left hand. Rudolf will be irate.

  9. Vineyard Vines

    PMB is anything but tacky. He has very fine art taste, it’s a bit too sophisticated for your bumpkin country tastes CF.

    Hh Nuh hit the nail on the head when it came to PMB amassing his wealth.

    • christopherfountain

      Ooh, Vineyard, I’ll bet you dig it absolutely. Here’s a writing assignment for you: explain, in 350 words or less, why “Santa with Butt Plug” is art; what it speaks to, what it means, how it demonstrates creativity. Five points extra if your essay does not mention “shocking the middle class”. Go for it guy – show off that marvelous education you received.

  10. The Duke of Deceptiom

    What’s a butt plug?

  11. Ann

    Dear Chris:
    The pictures of Santa (?) and Mr. Brandt’s soon to be ex-wife made me feel physically ill. Santa,because no one needs to see to see sick statues and Stephanie, because she has done nothing to merit public humiliation. Last time I looked making a bad choice of husbands is not a criminal offense. Mr. Fountain, you are better than this. Get back on that high road you tread so well.
    Take care,

    • christopherfountain

      Ann, the Santa statue is in plain view on North Street. I believe, but don’t know for sure because I haven’t been invited inbside, that the Stephanie trophy is mounted in the “art museum” behind Santa, open and visible to all vistors. My postings are done in the (forelorn) hope of embarrassing pervert Pete to remove his art from public view, not to make you sick or to humiliate Brnt’s former wife. Quite the contrary.

  12. networthdeclining

    BTW….What do you know about butt plugs? I have never heard of them……