Early morning reporting activity

Two sales reported from last week:

98 Lower Cross, a renovated house on 0.5 acre in the 4-acre zone, listed at $2.195 and sold for 84% of that, $1.850. Assessment was just $1.056 but in this case, I think the assessor, not the buyer, was off.

39 Hearthstone, $1.750 ask, sold for 82%, $1.450. Assessment was $1.428.

I think the fact that both these homes sold where they did is testament to their listing agents (Gideon Fountain and Joanne Gorka, respectively) recognizing what has happened to the market in the past year. Or at least, they didn’t start at 2004 prices and go up from there, as so many current listings have done.

And we have a contract reported, 21 Gatefield Drive, originally priced at $3.675 and marked down, after a year, to $2.895. Noo word on sale price yet, but assessment is $2.1. I was not enthusiastic about this house nor its location, but obviously someone else was. Which is how real estate works.

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