Get real

58 Parsonage Rd

58 Parsonage Rd

The owners of this house on Parsonage paid $3.7 million for it in 2006. Everywhere else in town, prices have dropped substantially since then but these folks decided to list this year for $4.750, apparently under a delusion that they were entitled to a million dollar profit for staying there three years.

It’s down today to 43.795 which will probably still prove too high, but it’s an improvement.


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10 responses to “Get real

  1. anon

    The record bonus pool at Goldman Sachs will surely drive prices higher in a few months. Sellers would be smart to hold out or perhaps raise their offering prices.

  2. ff

    I’d like to ask how many Goldman-ites get those monster bonuses, and how many of them already live in Greenwich. If the expected answer is “few” for the first and “many” for the second, I would think its impact on the market is a non-starter. Plus, wouldn’t they have to sell their homes, and to whom? Lesser Goldman-ites?

  3. Cos Cobber

    If Goldman’s record bonus’ generate more than a dozen sales I’d be shocked…. Meanwhile a dozen sales would be unable to reverse the market. Lets just hope for price stabilization.

  4. Anonymous

    ff raises the most relevant points here

    Most of highly paid already live in desired houses; many lesser IBers are struggling to make mtg payments on their dumps in Scarsdale or seeking rent reductions on their ratholes in Manhattan

  5. buyer

    I’m hoping these record bonuses inspire the Goldman execs in town to put their current homes up for sale so they can upgrade in a down market. We need some new fresh inventory bc the current listings are stale and boring.

  6. Townie

    Isn’t this the ice rink house?
    If so, a child was killed in an accident in the driveway. That can have some lasting impact on its marketability.

  7. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    A bit off topic, but if Greenwich realtors want to make a sale, they should keep their clients away from the Greenwich Whole Foods.

    Probably one of the most irritating experiences of my life.

  8. Cos Cobber

    Sanjay, Gwich WF is indeed insane…but most around here are numb to it now. Its been that way since 2001 or so.

  9. Red

    I totally agree that Greenwich Whole Foods is a nightmare experience, almost rivalling — but not quite — the Cos Cob Post Office. Entrance, parking lot, traffic pattern = hideous. There are a lot of very attractive & intelligent-looking people inside, though. If I were divorced, that’s where I’d prowl. Grrrrrr.