Hooray! Global warming scare to end in fifty days.

I’d been counting the years before the expiration of the doomsday global bunkum crowd’s deadline to save the world: we’re a year and-a-half into Dr. Hansen’s three year count, but now Britain’s Prime Minister has sped things up: if we don’t act within fifty days, we’re irrevocable doomed. Well God bless the man, there’s no way we’re going to do what he wants in that short a time frame so we can just twiddle our thumbs until December 8 and then we can join Mr. Brown in throwing up our hands, declaring that it’s too late to do anything, and going on about our business. In hip boots, presumably.


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2 responses to “Hooray! Global warming scare to end in fifty days.

  1. Mazama

    Unfortunately, in the tradition of other nutty religious cults, once the predicted doomsday passes without the end of the world the Warmers announce their prophets have received a new message from Gaia and that the end of the world has been delayed once again. There’s a rich tradition of this sort of thing with end-of-the-world cults.

  2. Anonymous

    Explanation #1 for ‘change or die’ deadlines is that something really horrible is going to happen if we dare not mend our ways. But equally plausible is that the nut jobs demanding immediate and radical change know that the reality does not support their agenda; hence, they try to panic the public into adopting their agenda before it’s obvious that they’re wrong. thus, we NEED to stop burning carbon now or 3 billion people will drown; we need to adopt Obama-care now or our economy will be in melt-down mode. NEITHER are true, as will be obvious if we don’t fall for this hysterical preaching of the cult-de-jour. if only…