Speaking of newspapers

Greenwich Time seems to have a policy of never giving press space to bloggers (except for their own, like that cut-up and blogger, Executive Editor Nathan Milstein). Which must be causing some awkwardness for their reporters, who have to call all around to get comments on stories that appear on the local blogs, seeking third -hand knowledge rather than direct. Raj the Rat paying $4 million to bring Kenny Rogers up to Round Hill to sing “The Gambler” eleven times in a row? You read it here first, but the GT refers to Dealbreaker. And then asks readers with information of Raj and Galleon Group to drop a line to the reporter! (Hint to Neil – how do you think Dealbreaker got the story?).

Now I hear that a Lisa Sombebody is casting about for information on Peter Pervert’s Santa with Butt Plug statue, but she can’t call here, nosiree. Perhaps if the story shows up in the New York Post or the NY Times she’ll have a source to rely on.

I’m not the only local blogger to rely on (and credit) the Greenwich time for story ideas, and I’ll bet we’d all be happy to reciprocate if asked to. But i guess that would be beneath the Time’s dignity. S’okay with me.

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