Some very respectable contracts were reported today, including 54 Byram Drive in Belle Haven, asking $17.9 million. This is a 1915 house which could either stand a stem to stern re-do or a close encounter with a DC-10 (bulldozer, not the jet) but it’s 4 acres, with a stretch if okay waterfront. Even reduced from $23 million, it’s still a lot of bucks.

So too is 11 Nawthorne in Old Greenwich, asking $6.195. Old Greenwich continues to attract.

And in Milbrook, 282 Overlook has also found a buyer – last asking price was $2.750.

All three of these contracts are a little surprising to me especially if, as I suspect is the case, they go for close to their asking prices. Guess those bonuses are coming in after all.


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6 responses to “Contracts

  1. Anonymous

    BH waterfront land sounds like ~$4MM/ac, similar to ’99 prices; was maybe $3.5MM/ac in ’93…so much for the scarcity value or inflation hedge of even BH waterfront land, let alone more commoditized land…

  2. networthdeclining

    Mr. Negativity doesn’t like being wrong!

  3. Cos Cobber

    CF, anything in Cos Cob….say a doghouse?

    What’s up with those two new houses being built in the Cob; one on Sinawoy just before Rinaldi’s and the other on the tight little deadend also off Sinaway known as Schubert Lane?

  4. FlyAngler


    I think there’s at least some correlation between the Street’s comp and the activity you have noted over the past few weeks. Especially in the 3mm+ space.

    What are your buyers thinking?

  5. So what makes you think these sold for close to asking price, and if they do will you have to stand outside the next GAR meeting wearing a sandwich board proclaiming “I WAS WRONG, BADLY WRONG”.

  6. xyzzy

    Waterfront in Old Greenwich is selling very well: North Crossway, Tomac, and now Nawthorne.

    I hear the people at 17 Nawthorne have had a slew of people ask them about selling both lots, but they want to die in that house and just sell off the lot in front.