He was just going to visit his pal Roman

Pulled Up in OG points out that Raj Rajarantam, Greenwich’s soon-to-be-former Round Hill Road property owner, had a ticket for a flight to London the morning he was arrested and, perhaps more interesting, given that country’s refusal to extradite suspects for actions that aren’t illegal in the land of cheese and chocolate, a ticket from London to Switzerland. His arrest thwarted that flight but, as his lawyer points out, Raj had a return ticket back to New York for this Thursday. Uh huh.


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4 responses to “He was just going to visit his pal Roman

  1. HBilly

    Commercial tickets? That was bright. You would think a guy who is worth over a 1B would at least pop for a private jet card.

    Interesting article in Forbes:


  2. No Expert

    Alleged fellow felon Hassan Nemazee of neighboring Katonah was nabbed boarding a plane to bella Roma…. Can someone explain to me why these men, who seemingly had it all, would play russian roulette with the lives of their families? It’s one thing to destroy your own career, but to bring down wives, children, parents, employees….. that’s the larger crime in my opinion.

  3. Anonymous

    Alleged billionaire crook flies commercial?

    Even “frugal” Warren from Omaha flies NetJets

  4. Anonymous

    Spouses, friends, employees of thieves tend to have own ethical/character/legal “issues”…guilt by association is often a fair assumption

    Kids of thieves are products of their DNA and environment/values, no?