Open House Tuesday – bust

I really would like to have a busy open house list today but with perhaps one or two exceptions, what’s on today is recycled and still over-priced so why bother? I don’t need to “take a fresh look” at a house that’s had its price reduced 3% – I get it, even if the seller doesn’t. Fortunately, there are other things to keep me busy and I do appreciate the opportunity to minimize my carbon footprint. But still ….


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5 responses to “Open House Tuesday – bust

  1. Jane

    What is the current price of the Beechcroft spec house which has been on forever? The one that has 3 peaks and is very shallow — you can see right through the front to the swamp in the back. And what was the original price?

    • christopherfountain

      It’s still in the 7s, I think, Jane, and either waiting for foreclosure or a miracle, I supposes.

  2. Helsa Poppin

    Frankly, I’m tired of looking at houses. I’ve accepted the fact that, with a few extremely high-priced exceptions anyone lucky enough to have a (1) well-built, (2) well-located house on a (3) nice piece of land is hanging on to it as long as possible. I’d settle for two out of three if I didn’t feel like everyone was pricing as though their properties had all of the attributes and then some.

  3. Anonymous

    Sellers waiting for the mythical rush of bonus-rich guys eager to overpay for used houses

  4. anon

    Oct. 20 (Bloomberg) — Donald Opatrny, a former Goldman
    Sachs Group Inc. banker, sold his apartment at 15 Central Park
    West in Manhattan for $21.5 million, almost twice what he paid
    last year, according to New York City records and the Real Deal.
    Opatrny, who paid $11.6 million for the condominium, sold
    it to an owner named on the New York City Department of Finance
    Web site as 35D CPW LLC, a limited liability company. The Real
    Deal Web site identified Opatrny as a one-time Goldman Sachs
    partner. He didn’t immediately return a telephone message from
    Bloomberg News.
    “It’s considered the best luxury condominium in New
    York,” Manhattan appraiser Jonathan Miller said in an interview
    about the building, where Goldman Sachs Chief Executive Officer
    Lloyd Blankfein also owns a condo. “It really came on the
    market, circa 2005-2006, sort of at the height of the Wall
    Street bonus frenzy.”