Hanging on apron strings

(Not) Andy Madoff

(Not) Andy Madoff

Naked man arrested for indecency in his own kitchen. 5;30 AM, up making coffee, mother and her daughter see him from his front lawn (!) and call police.


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12 responses to “Hanging on apron strings

  1. Interested Observer

    Doesn’t everyone walk around naked in the morning while fixing their coffee? I saw an interview he gave and he was just nakedly going about his own business getting ready to move by packing boxes. Perhaps he just needed an extra appendage handy to hang things on or hold a box closed for taping. Geez!! Give the guy a break!

    We better hope the Mom and daughter don’t visit Greenwish and happen to wander by the frisky Santa standing at full attention…the trauma would be too hard for them to bear!!

    • christopherfountain

      I don’t know if everyone does, Interested, but it would certainly seem to be everyone’s right to do so should they choose.

    • christopherfountain

      Oh no, I got your meaning – it was I who was clumsy in a reply that was meant to agree with you. Now, about that chicken feather/honey thing …

  2. Rumor has it...

    …that Brant is planning to ditch (relocate) the statue. This is either a big coincidence or more likely CF’s coverage has influenced Peter Pervert.

    • christopherfountain

      That would be nice, Rumor, and I hope it’s true. He’s had it erect since last June but after the blog post Greenwich Time started calling around about it and perhaps he got the message, even though he’s presently in London buying, naturally, more such art.

  3. Interested Observer

    Of course they should have that right in the privacy of their own homes. Heck, if they so choose, they can roll themselves in honey and chicken feathers for all I care, and some probably do.

    Technically, the Mom and daughter were trespassing on private property since they were on his lawn when they happened to catch their shocking glimpse him in all his morning glory. Adding to the trifecta of ridiculousness, the police actually went along in a zealous way with this idocy…perhaps they were trained at the Greenwich Police Academy??

    I know it’s the written word CF and some nuance is lost in translation, but given your proclivity for sarcasm and irony as well, I’d have thought you might have been a little more familiar with it since you use it with abandon at times.

  4. The Duke of Deceptiom

    speaking of butt plugs…

  5. linda yancey

    I am so glad you are back from Italy. It was lonesome not seeing these amazing tidbits you always have. I found you by searching Walter Noel and getting directed to your blog. That is one good thing about Walt. Because of him i now can’t go a day without checking out your space.
    It seems we all cook with no clothing on. Didn’t know we had to wear them.

  6. Walt

    Dude –
    See what Linda said? You would be (more of) a loser without me. Now go strip down and cook me a steak.
    Your Pal,

  7. pulled up in OG

    @ 10:10 pm Wed

    Douche bag alert!!!
    PBS – Art in the 21st Century
    segment on Paul McCarthy, probably after 10:30

  8. linda

    ‘fraid i’m not on your side Walt, but you and yours are amazing to watch

  9. Cal

    I was disappointed to learn that lover boy Steve Phillips lives in Wilton, not Greenwich. He would have made a nice addition to our town’s rogues’ gallery.