Hey Andy, did Hoops know about this?

So why do you have to work late tonight, Andy?

So why do you have to work late tonight, Andy?

Madoff offices were known as “The North Pole” for all the cocaine being spilled there, and the atmosphere was usually enhanced with drugs, booze and topless wimmin. I guess if you aren’t distracted by actually working, you have more time for partying.

Another tidbit I wasn’t aware of: Bernie’s new chef and pal in prison is a child molester. I wonder if he snuggles with old men too?

UPDATE: I haven’t read the article, but I wonder if Bloomebrg mentions Bernie’s office as part of its article, “Top Ten Ways to find Joy at Work”?


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3 responses to “Hey Andy, did Hoops know about this?

  1. Krazy Kat

    Another shameless excuse to put a Hoops and her whopper.

  2. Old School Grump

    You’re the lawyer, CF, so can you explain how lurid details that did not, in and of themselves, ever lead to indictments, arrests, civil cases, etc., become part of the substance of an actual lawsuit?

    An unauthorized biography, sure; a made-for-tv-movie, you bet; a 60 Minutes expose, of course; but a lawsuit?

    I think Lawyer Joseph Coldcuts just wants publicity.