Would that be because you have no shame?

Goldman executive defends bonuses at ethics debate.

Defending lavish bonuses expected at the U.S. investment bank, Brian Griffiths said he was not “ashamed” of his bank’s compensation package.


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3 responses to “Would that be because you have no shame?

  1. Anonymous

    Why should any high earner apologize? Mark to market applies to value of one’s services/net worth as judged by any competitive, free-mkt economy, not some jealous politician or journalist

    Top 1% of earners pay 50% of all taxes, so were among biggest taxpayers financing any “bailout”, not indignant worker bees from Queens or Detroit

    No one is forced to own shares in GS or any other co., or to invest in any HF or PE or VC shop w/allegedly excessive fees

  2. Sanjay Bigglesworth

    Goldman Sachs and the “common good.” The joke kinda writes itself.

  3. fred

    Its the firms money, they can do what they want with it. Lloyd was a dope for taking TARP.