Madoff scammer Picower found dead in pool

Jeffrey Picower was being sued by the Madoff trustee for $6 billion. Did angry Colombians find him before the subpoenas? “I don’t know,” Monica Noel told us when FWIW’s Scusie reached her comment, “but that’s why I had the pool here shut early this season. Walt’s just been sooo sad.”

Walt’s son-in-law and prime Colombian salesman for the Fairfield Greenwich Group, Andres Piedrahita was said to still be on his yacht  in the Adriatic – “not hiding,” a spokesman said, “it’s just that the sea trials for the potential buyer are taking a few moths longer than expected.”

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One response to “Madoff scammer Picower found dead in pool

  1. Well at least Mrs. Picower has room for a boarder now that the husband is pushing up daisies. I bet Ruth is thrilled at this unexpected vacancy.

    On another note I wonder if old Jeffery had cement blocks on his feet when they found him or did he just jump in on his own after a barbiturate martini…