No, I was not in a Cos Cob art gallery this weekend

I was at a retreat held at some sort of Catholic-run camp in Moodus Connecticut and while I enjoyed the retreat, the art collection was truly astonishing – unrivaled except, perhaps, by General Garcia’s in “The In Laws”. Here is the pick of the litter, in my opinion. It seems to be Jesus knocking on the window of the Godless United Nations building in New York. I’ve asked a friend to Photoshop in a Khrushchev shoe but until then, here it is untouched and original for your viewing pleasure. Dig those cray 60’s cars!

Jesus loves meUpdate: Back Country Girl informs me that we can credit the Seventh Day Adventists for this, not the Catholics.


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6 responses to “No, I was not in a Cos Cob art gallery this weekend

  1. Retired IB'er

    Do ya think they let him in?

  2. KC

    I am fascinated by the picture but, I have to admit, a little bewildered by it. I wonder if this says more about what the artist perceived the UN to be when it was painted? I wonder if he or she would paint the same picture now (disregarding current fashion, cultural and religious diversity and the like for the moment.) I was raised Catholic in widest eyed and accepting sort of way and this painting suggests all sorts of things to me. I could go on and on. It is really great.

  3. Towny

    I take it you missed the oil of the ‘Last Supper’ with characters from the Simpsons.

  4. fred

    Looks like a scene from the new japanese horror flick God-zilla.

  5. Roger Kaputnik

    The In-Laws (original) is one of the greatest movies ever. “Serpentine!”

  6. Back Country Girl

    Harry Anderson (the artist) was a very well known, Seventh-Day Adventist painter. I believe this particular piece was painted for (and still graces) the cover of the book “Steps to Christ”.

    Here’s some links to his work: