Show me the mortgage

Turns out, the foreclosing lender  probably can’t (well, often can’t) and, at least in White Plains, you’re home free, so to speak.

UPDATE: Full story via NYT’s Gretchen Morgenson here. Reader Shoeless sent a link to a similar story from Florida – it seems that mortgage service employees signed all sorts of documents claiming to be officers of all sorts of financial institutions when they were not. Given the billions of dollars securitized and serviced by these people, we could be seeing billions of dollars in mortgage debt wiped out. Which will probably mean that the home owners get out of their legitimate debts and Congress will use taxpayer money to make the banks whole and everybody will be happy except, of course, the taxpayers. What a country!


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2 responses to “Show me the mortgage

  1. Chimney

    Hey CF, where you been? Thought you had a heart attack or the Board of Relator’s hit-man finally scored.

  2. Anon E. Moose

    Oh man, would Tanta would have had a field day with Gretchen’s latest.

    [Big stretch] If that’s the case, what is endgame? “Homeowner” doesn’t have to pay, but can’t sell because of the lien? They are perpetual squatters?

    Strange Days.