Do as we say ….

No later than last Saturday Obama praised small businesses, recognizing that they “support families, sustain communities and create the jobs that power our economy,”

So, as Ed Koch might ask, “how’s he doin’?” Not so well, according to this WSJ report:

W. Michael Brown has scaled back hiring plans in his Virginia auto-parts stores. Carl Redman halted an expansion project at his Oregon contracting business. Bill Hammack is preparing layoffs at his road-construction company in Georgia.

The economy remains unsteady 22 months after the recession began, with banks restricting credit and consumers hunkering down. For these small businesses, and many others across the country, there’s an additional dark cloud: uncertainty created by Washington’s bid to reorganize a wide swath of the U.S. economy.

The economic contraction is of course the prime force driving companies to lay off workers. But a health-care overhaul grinding through Congress could bring unknown new obligations to insure employees. Bush-era tax cuts are set to end next year, and their fate is unclear. Legislation aimed at tackling climate change might raise businesses’ energy costs. Meanwhile, a bill aimed at increasing transportation spending is stalled.

Many companies say they have responded by freezing hiring, cutting benefits and delaying expansion plans. With at least 60% of job growth historically coming out of the small-business sector, according to the government’s Small Business Administration, that kind of inertia could impede an economic recovery.

See, what these ingrates don’t recognize is that The One intends to save them money with this ObamaKare stuff, so they should be ut hiring and spending, not hunkering down for an impending hurricane. No, he hasn’t accomplished it yet, but he intends to, and in Obama World, a good intention is as good as done.

UPDATE: Or maybe, as suggested here, Obama just hates business.

At Big Government, Peter Schweizer writes, “Okay, it’s time to finally admit it:  Barack Obama hates businessmen.  Not just certain businessmen, mind you, but the entire profession:”

Of course President Obama will deny this.   He told Businessweek magazine in a recent interview that he is not anti-business and that he believes in the private sector.  But the evidence is overwhelming,  and it helps explain why he is pursuing kamakazi-like economic policies that will damage the private sector in America.

Obama has demonized just about every business sector in America.  Through the 2008 campaign to the present,  he has gone after credit card companies, the coal industry, mortgage companies, real estate companies, steelmakers, utilities, drug companies, doctors, oil companies, Wall Street, defense contractors, and health insurance companies, just to name a few.  In each case he has dinged them for greed, taking excessive profits, and failing to put people first.  His criticisms have not been over minor matters but over their basic core functions, and their values or lack of them.

Obama demonstrates almost complete ignorance about the private sector and it’s no wonder:  he has so little experience in it.  He has spent his adult life in college, teaching college, and organizing communities.  The one private sector job he has held, for a consulting firm in New York, he recounts as a terrible experience.  In his memoirs he describes the experience as working for a private business “like a spy behind enemy lines.”  He also recounts in his memoirs that the multinational corporations in the Indonesia of his youth were propelling the average worker “into deeper despair.”  He likened the presence of corporations in his native Africa to a form of “neocolonialism.”  Michelle Obama has beseeched young people, “We left corporate America, which is a lot of what we are asking young people to do.  Don’t go into corporate America.  You know, become teachers, work for the community,  be a social worker, be a nurse….move out of the money-making industry, into the helping industry.”

This is, of course, the Obama Cosmotology.  The private sector is largely populated by devils, who are self-oriented, concerned about personal gain,  and unconcerned about others.  The government, on the other hand, is made up of people bathed in altruism, whose only concern is you.  Thus it is quite easy for Obama to recall the divide between the private and public sector as “enemy lines”  even though he would never call the Iranian Mullahs, Hugo Chavez, or Vladimir Putin an “enemy.”


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2 responses to “Do as we say ….

  1. Wally

    This is amazing and frightening. The truth is right before our eyes, and yet we have looked away.

    This needs to be reprinted over and over. This strikes me as the truth, and if it is not Obama needs to explain why, since his actions and words to date back this up.

    The sooner we Americans recognize who/ what we have elected the sooner we can start to take back our country (I of course mean through elections).

  2. Cobra

    Why wait for elections?