Annoy your neighbors, get rich on residuals

cell tower

Yes, we have no bananas

Freddy Durante, he of the proposed cellphone tower overlooking North Mianus School, has once again slashed the price of his house at 334 Palmer Hill and it’s down to $923,000 from an original asking price of $1.3 million.  No mention on the listing whether Verizon is still willing to pay $15,000 a month for the privilege of making school kids glow in the dark but I understand Waste Management is offering a similar sum to operate a toxic dump site there. In fact, since both uses are compatible, this could be quite an investment.


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2 responses to “Annoy your neighbors, get rich on residuals

  1. The Duke of Deceptiom

    The lease is with T-Mobile, and is for less than 3k a month.

    Fred’s a pretty nice guy, by the way.

  2. pulled up in OG

    It wasn’t specified, but I got the impression he’s been collecting on that lease for two years.

    Chris – If that 80′ pole was in place, I’m guessing the new owner gets stuck with an easement for the terms/duration of the lease. What’s the discount for that monstrosity? Or does the broker tout the $3K/mo income? Hehe.