Tesei – what a baby!

First the guy refuses to debate her, now our First Selectman candidate accuses his opponent of inflating her resume in 1978. I lost all respect for Peter Tesei when he fired Garo Garbedian and, rather than give him a send-off tribute, had him frog-marched from the building by a security guard. No class, no spine. And now, it seems, no record to stand on, if the best he can do is drag up an incident that may or may not have happened 31 years ago. What a loser.


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18 responses to “Tesei – what a baby!

  1. Greenwich Gal

    Signs of a desperate scoundrel. Vote for Lin Lavery.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Come on CF…the alternative is someone who is only going to expand our town government largesse. Do you really think Lin Lavery can maintain control of our budget and make the tough decisions at town hall?

    I think the difficult time Lash and Tesei have had over labor issues is a testament to just how difficult it has become to corral town employees. I am not dismissing their mistakes either. But I think their experiences show you who really runs the town, the rank and file. My god, just think of what its like to get a beach card?!

  3. Wally

    I like Tesei. He is not perfect, but he works hard and tries to take in to consideration all facets of Greenwich.

    I think managing the town’s finances is the most important issue at this moment in our history, and Tesei clearly has more experience this is area.

    He has years of experience managing the town budget, which is a big deal – Lin Lavery is a nice woman, but she has no experience in that area at all, and the last thing we need here locally is what is happening with mismanaging the budget nationally.

  4. Old Greenwich Builder

    Chris – You seem to be focusing on just one issue with Peter Tesei here. Agree with Cos Cobber, think of what it must be like to run town hall, and think of how well Lin L will be able to handle this job. These are tough times, and letting people go is a part of being the town’s top executive, even if these are people that we like.

    When you look at the overall job that Peter has done, from keeping taxes low to pushing through improvements to the schools to starting to make town hall more accountable to its citizens (e.g., they actually ASK people how good the service was at town departments now via comment cards! good idea), he has a done a very good job in a tough environment, and deserves our vote again.

    Think of the alternative with Lin. We’ll be in a worse place.

    Go Peter.

  5. Riverwich

    Can we vote “None of the Above”…

  6. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    And now Tesei is accusing the town’s conservation director of sabotaging the Town’s application for Federal stimulus funds, noting that her husband is a member of the Democratic Town Committee. “J’accuse ma directeur de conservation de undermining mon office.”

  7. Despite the “glazed eyes” expression featured in every photograph I’ve seen of our First Selectman, and the town’s grossly inappropriate treatment of Mr. Garbedian, I’ll go for experience and knowledge in essential fiscal matters over smiling, empty politi-babble.

    And, the specter of even bigger town government, in reflection of its rapidly distending federal counterpart, disturbs me.

    As no other reasonable alternatives are available, I’ll give Tesei my vote. Hope he doesn’t disappoint.

  8. dogwalker

    Yeah, do you REALLY believe the alternative is better?

    The armed escorts out of Town Hall were creepy, though.

  9. Anonymous

    Wow – Tesei is truly grasping for straws. Maybe he should visit “Kids in Crisis” and determine how much her leadership meant to the program. He should also learn how to file forms in a timely manner so that Greenwich doesn’t lose out on federal funding to the tune of $1,500,000. Ask any employee at Town Hall and they will tell you that Lin is always there – she is probably the most hardworking selectman in history – and most of the things that Tesei takes credit for over his term happened because Lin was there to identify the problem and do the work. Tesei keeps referring to Lin as a “nice” woman; to all the “nice” women in Greenwich let me translate that – she is smart, capable and a gifted leader. As a Conservative Republican, I am happy to have Lin continue to run this town superbly and effectively. She may be a Democrat but she is hands down the best candidate out there.

  10. Stanwich

    Ditto on Wally and CC’s comments.

    CF, ever talk bad about my boy Tesei again and I’ll break your knee caps. I might live in Riverside but I come from Cos Cob, and we take care of our own.

    Honestly though, Lin is a nice woman but the issues and bureaucracy are too complex for someone to just drop in with little experience. Lash did it well because he was ruthless and had decades of experience reorganizing companies. Lolly Prince failed because she was like Lin Lavery, a do-gooder with little experience.

  11. bc

    Peter grew up in Glenville. It’s not what he did so much, as how he handled the terminations of town employees. Callous.

    • christopherfountain

      I’ve always thought that you could tell a lot about a man’s character by how he treated powerless people, and Tesei’s performance in that regard was revealing. He either didn’t care how he treated these poeople, most of whom had spent decades working for us, or he listened to some bad advice from counsel and didn’t have the backbone to reject it. Either way, I lost all respect for the man, permanently, when he acted as he did.

  12. Cos Cobber

    What is the Lin Lavery Platform anyway? On the surface it appears to be to what Tesei and Lash have done but only with a smile…and with those forgotten stimulus funds.

    We are not electing the prom king or queen. I want someone who can administer a wise fiscal budget and have the guts to make lay offs and structure reorganization if that is what is needed. Tesei would probably take a different approach to the spring layoffs in hindsight. We are all learning everyday. The real question is, who has the guts to say when enough is enough?

    Its pretty much a lock there wont be one layoff under and Lavery administration. Nope, all employees and town services will be deemed mission critical.

  13. Stanwich

    Oh Chris, for God’s sake, you sound like a petulant little child….”I lost all my brains….blah, blah, blah”.

    Think about the consequences of not supporting him. Just think for one moment.

    What makes you care so much about the goings-on in that whore house they call town hall?

    • christopherfountain

      I guess, Stan, that I always admired Mr. Garabedian and thoght his treatment by Tesei was shabby. That doesn’t necessarily mean I’m a supporter of the Junior Leaguer whose record of accomplishments seems as sparse as her competitor’s -or that of Obama’s, come to think of it – just that I’m not inclined to vote for Tesei. I may write in Chris Kesyerling’s name (especially if I can learn to spell it) – now that would make Town hall a true fun house. We’d have to dig in our pockets to buy rubber walls, but the payback in entertainment value would be enormous.

  14. Wally

    CF – Funny re CVK, and true!

  15. Sound Thinker

    Good managers accept responsibility when they drop the ball, and they don’t throw their town managers under the bus when people start looking for lost stimulus money.

    What kind of credibility or working relationship can Peter Tesei have with the town managers and employees in the future after doing this to Denise Savageau? This is in addition to his less than sensitive approach to the layoffs?

    There is a difference in mentality between being reactive or proactive manager and leader. One type responds and puts fires out. The other takes the lead to make things better and has a plan in advance. While Peter was in charge of the BET and the economy was strong, why was a contingency surplus never created?

    Good managers aggressively look to cut operating costs in advance of cutting jobs and town services.
    See the pattern?