But that’s such a low hurdle


I voted for cap and trade and all I got was this stupid fur jacket

Pew Poll: Republicans smarter than Democrats who are dumber than dirt. Libertarians, on the other hand, tested smarter than everyone except Cos Cobbers (who were flunking until they were given crayons in place of pens).


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2 responses to “But that’s such a low hurdle

  1. Anonymous

    Dear Mr. Fountain,

    There you go knocking Cos Cob again. This time I feel I must respond. Things are not as bad here as you let on. As a Greenwich real estate professional, you surely know that there are paved roads in Cos Cob. Most houses, particularly new construction, have indoor plumbing. The practice is greatly diminished of the locals turning street signs 90 degrees to discourage from away people from nosing around where they don’t belong. Two of my neighbors recently got rid of their yard cars (admittedly the cash for clunkers program might have had something to do with it). While we are not in the same league as Sound Beach Ave. or even Round Hill Road, you must admit that things are improving.

    Cos Cob Patriot

  2. Mazama

    The last line is telling: “The report also notes that people under 30 fared the worst of age-based groups.”

    Posited: Teachers’ unions are a left-wing plot to use public schools as the primary tool for creating an ignorant mass of potential voters who favor their causes. This is Obama mentor (ghost writer?) Bill Ayers’ stated strategy as an “education” professor, although he would use exactly my words.