Ooooh, the Greenwich Selectman race is getting nasty


Here's a friggin' crisis, bitch!

It started when Peter Tesei called Lin Lavery “a yellow-bellied, scum-sucking liar” for claiming to have founded the Junior League’s “Kids in Crisis Center” five years before she’d moved to town. Lavery burst into tears, called Tesei “a mean little snot who rode the short bus to school” and the battle was joined.

Yesterday, Lavey pointed out that Tesei missed the Stimulus gravy train by setting the application for return of stolen monies to one side of his desk and forgetting about it. This charge was backed up by Cos Cob’s Jim Himes, who supplied an email stating “Peter couldn’t find his left buttock with both hands so it should surprise no one that he doesn’t know how to fill out a grant form.”

Stung, Tesei demanded a retraction and Mr. Himes, mindful of local politics, disavowed his previous email and assured Greenwich Time that our First Selectman could indeed find his posterior, “provided he gets his head out of there first.”

Not satisfied, Tesei now says that his plans “to get a zillion, kabillion dollars” from the federal government were sabotaged by a Democratic mole. The point person on that task, he said, was Denise Savageau, the town’s conservation director.”She’s handling this – someone says they’re handling it, you trust they’re handling  it.”

 “Let’s point out that Denise Savageau’s husband is a member of the Demmerkrat Town Committee,” Tesei said. “There’s not necessarily an unbiased participant in these actions. Is she manipulating her actions to undermine my office? It certainly could give pause as to what her motivations are.” 

 “It’s a plot,” Tesei told FWIW’s Scusie, “a plot against me! But I know who’s doing it and I know where he’s hiding the ice cream over there on Mead Avenue. You’ll see, you’ll see. Ahahahahahahaha!”


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7 responses to “Ooooh, the Greenwich Selectman race is getting nasty

  1. Riverwich

    Not as nasty as the Hopper/Ferguson/Lewis Probate Judge contest a few years back. Now that was nasty and a whole lot of fun to watch.

  2. Stanwich

    Lavery has been uninvolved and this is just another example of her lack of experience on these matters.

    She wants to turn Western Greenwich into Starret City and build the high school auditorium out of carrara marble with gold leaf, and have Uncle Sam pay for it. She’s a novice, no idea how to run a beast like Greenwich. She’d be about as effective as Lolly Prince (she gave us nothing except outisders on our beaches).

    Lavery should stick to the back country fundraisers and tea parties, ladies who lunch don’t know how to run the town.

  3. Greenwich Gal

    Oh Stanwich, Stanwich….Ladies who Lunch DO run the town! While all you fellas go run your hedge and private equity funds – we ladies of Greenwich quietly manage-and fund- the house, the hospital, the charities, the schools, the clubs and whatever else people need in life. It is high time you figured this out.

  4. Wally

    This really is getting nasty. My advice to both (and Peter Tesei specifically since he has the most to loose), don’t go negative (or don’t go there anymore than you already have) since you will loose your dignity and the respect of your fellow citizens. Just my two cents.

  5. Pierre Bergé, Nom de Plume

    After blaming Madame Savageau for failing to file the grant application on time, Messieur Tesei was heard to utter, “Le roi, c’est moi.” Which translates, roughly, as, “I am the Decider.”

  6. pulled up in OG

    Fun in Norwalk too. City auctioned off mayoral candidate’s $4.5M Wilson Point house for $725K.

  7. Cal

    Too bad there is not a third candidate. I voted for Peter last time around, and have to say I’m quite disappointed in the way his campaign has been run. He’s definitely the better candidate and should act like that.