Pelosi – eliminating the culture of corruption


You don't mean we have corrupt Democrats?!

While our elected representatives attend to the nations’ most pressing matters this week: a Judical Committee hearing on concussions suffered by professional football players, and extension of the coverage of federal hate crime protection to cross-dressers, another battle perks along unnoticed: The Office of Congressional Ethics wants to release its report on two crooked Democrats, Maxine Waters being one of them, while the House Ethics Committee wants them to wait until after the elections (if it’s ever released at all). The OCE, by the way, was created in 2008 by House Democrats to expose and attack the wicked which, they assumed, were all republicans.


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5 responses to “Pelosi – eliminating the culture of corruption

  1. Anonymous

    Maxine’s defense will be ignorance and illiteracy

  2. Anonymous

    unless Congress acts, which is highly unlikely, ACORN regains its federal funding and gains partnership status with additional federal agencies on November 1, 2009.

    It’s unlikely that our local Congress critter, Jimmie “I love ACORN and the SEIU,” Himes will take any action against these crooks. Both ACORN and SEIU are featured prominently on the Himes for Congress websites.

    Jimmie Himes the Cos Cob Crook, ACORN stooge, and all around errand boy for Nancy Pelosi, is still stealing our money and putting our children further into debt.

  3. Riverside Dog Walker

    I’ve mentioned Matt Taibbi’s book, The Great Derangement, previously. It is entertaining and depressing at the same time. He has a chapter or two on how Congress really works. He says no real business is conducted during the day, only resolutions for things like honoring Boy Scouts, sports teams, renaming post offices for notables, and the like.

    The real work goes on at night and behind closed doors. Like most legislative bodies, there are a relatively few people who call the shots. If they can be (ahem) persuaded of the merits of your case, you have it made.

  4. pulled up in OG

    Dog Walker – Thanks for the book tip. I just recently read his take on Goldman’s profits.