Tesei pulls out the big guns


Dear Peter, thank you for yours of even date but I note with some concern that the promised payment for services is a little light. Kindly remit same immediately or I shall, regretfully, have no choice but to retract my endorsement of your candidacy. Your humble servant, Jeremy

Noted and feared real estate attorney Jeremy “King Fish” Kaye endorses Peter Tesei.

UPDATE: Jeremy would want me to annotate and supplement his letter, I’m sure. So, …

To the editor:

As a lifelong resident I am indeed privileged to live in a community as vibrant and supportive as Greenwich. [he seems to have confused our town with a Magic Fingers mattress]

I live in a place where dedicated and caring people give of themselves to make their community a better place. I live in a place where volunteerism  [the old, honest virtue of “The Lord helps those who help themselves” thrives. Folks like Walter Noel and Fredric Bourke just help themselves to whatever they want]  I live in a place which has a wonderful school system, [Hamilton Avenue, New Lebanon, the Glenville Modular School and Western Junior High being just some of them] beautiful parks [ hour-and-a-half wait for the bathroom at Byram’s pool] a charm that few other communities are able to sustain.[especially because they, unlike Greenwich, have sound barriers blocking I-95 traffic noise].

I live in a place where we are so fortunate to have intelligent, responsive and responsible people wanting to be a part of government. [that’s why we pay $100,000 to attract a tax collector and fire our school superintendent every year]

It is simply not possible for everyone to agree on every action that a political figure undertakes or suggests. So, in deciding whom to vote for, it is most important to look at the candidate’s integrity, the body of their work, whether they have good intentions [hell, you get a freakin’ Nobel Prize, you got good intentions] and whether the course they want the town to travel corresponds with the voter’s own view of what is desirable and a viable course. [When they lack all of those qualities and you discover they have no idea where to lead the town, then just collect as much as you can from one of them and give them an endorsement]

I know Peter Tesei personally and …. I know that he recognizes that there are many difficult decisions yet to  be made and is prepared to make them. [Shoving  fired town employees off Town Hall’s steps at bayonet point being just one of those decisions he’s so eager to make. Running over small animals, putting puppies in blenders? Hey, a man’s  got to do what a man’s got to do].

 I also know Lin Lavery [but unfortunately she lacked the financial willingness and wherewithal to get a letter from me so from now on it’s, “Lin who?] . I hope that Lin will continue to be a leader in the town [‘s Junior League and garden Club. Back to the Back Country, lady!]

On Election Day, however, no one can vote for two first selectmen. You can only vote for one. [Unless, of course, you follow the Chicago school of politics. I, for instance, will be voting early and often and I hope you will, too]

With the considerations I have set forth above, I will be casting my vote on Election Day for Peter Tesei. [See above]. As a resident of Greenwich [paid to do so by the Republican Party, it is my privilege duty to do so.]

Jeremy E. Kaye


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15 responses to “Tesei pulls out the big guns

  1. Stanwich

    A ha! A real lawyer (and my lawyer at times) endorses Peter Tesei! CF, you should play follow the leader on this one.

    • christopherfountain

      I spent almost ten years sharing offices with Jeremy at 71 Lewis Street and I can’t begin to express my joy to discover that everything I taught him about selling out for fun and profit is finally paying off (literally). Next week, he’s going all out for David Dinkens – watch out, Blumberg!

  2. Who the hell is Jeremy Kaye? I’ve lived in Greenwich for 63 years and never heard of him. He writes an endorsement that reads as though he believes his point of view should be adopted blindly by voters based on his having put it forth.

    I’ll make up my own mind as to who I’ll vote for, not influenced by a pompous sounding legal lizard of whom I’ve never heard.

    Scott Frantz, on the other hand, is worth listening to as he’s actually accomplished concrete achievements worthy of respect, unlike “Limp Fish” Kaye.

    • christopherfountain

      Jeremy is a wonderful guy and one of the best real estate lawyers in town (his brother Joel being another one). Unfortunately, due to a childhood of abuse, starvation and neglect, all nine Kaye kids grew up to be Democrats but, as evidenced by his letter endorsing Tesei, the boy remains totally confused. I love them all anyway.

  3. I’ll take your word for it, Chris, as you know Kaye and I don’t…basing my hasty reaction on his endorsement’s tonality.

    That said, he is recommending Tesei, with which I agree.

    • christopherfountain

      To know Germy is to love him but not necessarily rely on him for political advice (besides, Germy, unlike his brother Joel, is pretty much apolitical, so I’m guessing he just likes Tesei – probably beat him up and stole his lunch money when they were kids and is feeling guilty now).

  4. ff


    Can’t help but notice you wouldn’t be influenced by a pompous lizard, but you were subsequently persuaded to vote Tesei by Jeremy Kaye.

  5. Pete

    I know Jeremy’s father was a lawyer and his sister Jevera is a lawer, also at 71 Lewis St. What about the other six Kayes? I think all their names start with “J”.

    • christopherfountain

      Joel is a most excellent real estate lawyer here in town, ditto for Jeremy, who practices with his sister Jevorah, who specializes in trusts and estates. You’re quite right, Pete, that all nine kids’ names begin with J – Joe Kaye was a funny guy (he once claimed that he’d wanted his two sons to join him in his lw practice but worried that the Anti-Defamation League would object to a firm called Kaye,Kaye,Kaye). Most Kayes became lawyers, I believe, but one or two black sheep went to medical school. All in all, an undistinguished family of losers but God love ’em, they sure are nice people!

  6. Wally

    They are the “J” family, for sure!! As in, for Christ’s sake, vote for “Jeter” (the first selectman, not the Yankee!)

  7. ff: Had you read comments to Chris’ previous posts re: the selectman’s race you’d have noticed that Tesei gained my vote some time ago. Mr. Kaye’s endorsement certainly did not impact my POV.

    Gotta do your homework before commenting, as I (re)learn periodically.

  8. Chimney

    Cobra has lived in Greenwich for 63 years and never heard of Jeremy Kaye? That’s amazing- guess he’s never heard of Sam Romeo either.

    • christopherfountain

      Now Chimney, I also know Cobra, and I know that he deliberately avoids reading the police blotter or the sexual offenders list, so how would he have heard of either man?

  9. ff


    Reread and diligently parse my words, and you’ll see my comment was more an over-sly dig at his nibs CF rather than a political statement. You know, pompous lizard and all that.

  10. ff-

    Went right over my head.

    Excellently done!