Two years and a million bucks later …

24 Mahr Ave

24 Maher Avenue

24 Maher has finally gone to contract. First listed as Noah was just finishing up his ark, its asking price of $3.175 proved too high for a culture still using wampum as currency. But it dropped the first broker and her price and eventually reached $2.295 (plus some really good purple clam shells, presumably) and someone’s bit. Assessment is $1.450.


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2 responses to “Two years and a million bucks later …

  1. Former neighbor

    Glad this house sold – great for a young couple to raise a family, close to everything – hopefully the new owners can put up a garage – that’s the one thing it was seriously lacking.
    Not that you need a straight line to be funny but….How Many Brokers DOES it Take to Sell a House Today? You mentioned this house went through at least two.

  2. another former neighbor

    Ah but there is a garage, it was just turned into an unused playhouse several years ago.