Where’s John Bolton to tell the UN to F*** off?

Fresh from examining the role of gender in governmental anti-terrorism efforts (ooh, it’s awful, what’s happening out there), The United Nations has turned its attention to this country’s policy of executing terrorists with missiles from the sky. They’ve grunted, squeezed and produced an astonishing conclusion:

U.S. predator strikes violate international law. Oh dear.


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2 responses to “Where’s John Bolton to tell the UN to F*** off?

  1. Cos Cobber

    Apparently John Bolton mishandled a staff layoff, so his expertise is no longer welcome.

  2. KC

    Most of us want to be liked, even loved. It isn’t always possible though if you have beliefs and goals and even (imagine that) make judgments about the world around you. I don’t know what Obama’s foreign policy is. I have noticed that he seems to be on a perpetual campaign to garner approval at all costs and to appear to be one of the gang. Maybe they sense this at the UN. But, again, I can’t pretend to see any kind of unified foreign policy. Maybe someone else does.