Amateur Hour at the White House

What gives with these guys? Picking a fight with Fox might be explained as an appeal to their lefty base, but Edmund Cars? Are you kidding me? The country’s got 10% unemployment, Obama wants to remake the medical industry, take over the economy and pick up his Nobel Prize in Oslo and he thinks it’s a valuable use of his resources to go after a used car web site? This is so crazy that even fans of the man ought to be worried.


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2 responses to “Amateur Hour at the White House

  1. Anonymous

    barry suffers from NPD. take a look at the real story of his life and it’s easy to understand.

    when bill ayers ghost-wrote “dreams of my father” for barry, he created a fictional narrative, including that of the love story between stanley ann dunham and barack obama, sr., and their factually impossible first meeting at selma, years after barry jr. was born.

    the reality is that obama’s mom was a slut.

    in hawaii, the chatter is that barry’s real father is franklin marshall davis, the well-known communist and pedophile rapist. however, before jumping to conclusions about davis, it’s worth comparing pictures of malcom x and the prez. obama’s mom got around.

    what is hidden on that sealed birth certificate?

    during the indonesian episode, little barry was abandoned by his stepfather, soetoro sr.

    slut mom, uncertain paternity, abandoned by multiple father figures, the NPD is predictable as are the speeches laden with the first person singular, the thin-skinned inability to take criticism, the need for constant adulation and attention, and the developed skill for dodging responsibility and blaming others.

    he’s good at lying, because he’s been living fundamental lies his entire life. he has very poor skills for coping with challenges to his narrative. his best trick is spin management.

    now with the nation facing 10% unemployment, critical decisions on afghanistan, a government that is increasingly in conflict with and governing in opposition to its own people, a restive and increasingly angry populace, the POTUS is going after a car magazine and website? the guy expends more effort fighting americans than he does america’s enemies.

  2. KC

    This is not only strange, it’s upsetting. Edmunds has all sorts of useful information about buying and selling cars, critical reviews and the auto industry in general. It is a real service to the public. I’ve never even seen much on it that could be identified as partisan. The site helps people make better decisions. In what world is that bad? Oh yes, this one. (By the way, I agree completely with your last sentence.)