Another good sale

windsor castled

524 Field Point Circle

Asking price: $39,500,000. Assessment: $21,000,000. Sales price: $4,138,568.


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9 responses to “Another good sale

  1. Anthony Fountain

    Why are you showing just the carriage house for the place? We want to see the main house.

  2. xyzzy

    huh? Sales price 4,138,569?

  3. L Fountan

    Isn’t that a college at Cambridge University?

  4. XYount

    My first real laugh of the day.

  5. bourke prison

    this looks like fab’s new prison – sentencing nov 12 2:30 pm

  6. revagent

    MGM should of bought it for future movie sets about life in the crusades.

  7. Tradervic

    This price does not sound plausible. Granted the house is not appealing and may be a tear-down, two acres of direct waterfront on Field Point Circle should be worth at least $10 million, right?

    • christopherfountain

      Well Trader, 528 Field Point would place it half way across the Sound, so who can say what its value would be? In this case, should you drag your cursor over the picture, “Windsor Castle” pops up. Hmmm.

  8. Tradervic

    Haha. Thought you were talking about the Field Point Circle house asking $35 mil. But evidently it is still sitting there…