He could always run for Eliot Spitzer’s old job

66 -year-old (!) South Carolina (no “!”) Assistant AG fired after being caught in his car with 18-year-old stripper, sex toys and Viagra. Even in Governor Stanford’s state, this sort of activity, conducted away from the Appalachian Trail, is deemed unacceptable for a representative of the law. They seem to be losing their sense of humor down there in the Palmetto State, and that’s too bad.


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7 responses to “He could always run for Eliot Spitzer’s old job

  1. cynic1

    I guess he was celebrating Boeings move of the 787 production line to Charleston. He was just practicing for the mile high club!

  2. Anonymous

    Only being caught with a dead girl or a live boy or farm animal/pet is newsworthy after Bubba’s famous escapades w/fat chicks

  3. Mazama

    At one point in Arkansas Clinton reportedly possessed an El Camino pickup-style vehicle with the truck bed carpeted in astroturf. Like laying out under the stars on a warm night I suppose but with no crawling insects or snakes and (bonus!) easy to hose down between “dates”. Always classy our Bill.

    Anonymous’ posting reminds me: A few years back – not too many- a Louisiana governor who’s name escapes me infamously bragged during his reelection campaign that “the only way I could lose is to get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.” He was, in fact, reelected but ended up doing time in Club Fed for pilfering a little more than Louisiana governors are traditionally allowed to pilfer.

  4. Greenwich Gal

    You gotta love South Carolina – just keeping the state tradition alive after that infamous horndog Sen. Strom Thurmond died.

  5. Pete

    Forget last comment re: wall. Wrong property.

  6. J

    Sounds like a guy I would like to have a beer with

  7. KC

    Mazama, I believe you are referring to Edwin Edwards who, unless I am mistaken, is still in prison. His famous remark, which you refer to, was made some years before his eventual downfall.