I’m selling – brother Gideon, no doubt, is buying

Stocks soar, “It’s Waterloo for the bears”. Take your pick, politics, houses or stocks. I’m a contrarian by nature and when the same idiots who brought us Y2K, BioTech, Dot.Com and Collateralized Mortgage Obligations start yelling about a bull market, I punt. Your opinion may differ.

UPDATE: Mongo have great pain between ears. According to this guy, traders he spoke with today insist that we’re seeing  suckers rally and the market will drop off a cliff next week. So the contrarian should buy against that sentiment, right? I’m sticking to real estate.


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3 responses to “I’m selling – brother Gideon, no doubt, is buying

  1. Anonymous

    Greed, stupidity, divergent views, etc are what make Mr. Market such a fascinating manic-depressive creature, despite endless real-time data on everyone’s Bloomie or Berry

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    Andres Piedrahita no longer has a place to hang his hat.

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    Now this guy did some due diligence on Noel’s early life. 4 Stars.