Contracts in the fall

Single family home contracts so far this fall:


2009: 44

2008: 24



2009:  25

 2008: 12

2007: 33


2008: 11

2007: 37


2008: 7

2007: 23

Remaining Inventory, October 30,

2009: 646

2008: 614

2997: 548


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5 responses to “Contracts in the fall

  1. Anonymous

    Plenty of used houses left on the lot

    Cash for clunkers not helping move the stuff?

  2. Resident

    If Greenwich realtors sell all 646, won’t their need to leave town put a bunch back more on the market? Will it ever end?

  3. Anonymous

    Must be a lot of realtors out their with savings accounts that are running on fumes.

  4. Interested Observer

    There are more than a few with savings accounts disappearing. Slowly going broke while trying to maintain appearances and keep fake smiles in place, especially with the holidays looming, is going to start taking it’s toll (and probably add to the number of available houses for sale).

  5. Old School Grump

    Am I missing something here? The answer is probably “yes,” but I’d love to have it explained, even at the cost of looking like a complete idiot (won’t be the first time). I know the # of transactions bears no relationship to $ value of transactions, but none of the 2009 numbers vs 2007 numbers shown here are as horrifying as I would have expected.

    Also, the 2008 October Remaining Inventory number should probably be deemed completely meaningless. Many of the October 2009 Remaining Inventory participants would have shown up in time to qualify for the October 2008 Remaining Inventory list if they’d had a clue what awaited them. But they were in shock/disbelief/denial/can we just get through the end of the year and then take stock mode. (As was I, although fortunately I don’t live in Greenwich anymore and wasn’t trying to sell my house.)