Food fight! Food fight!

fountain power

Greenwich Harbor Master at play

The First Selectman battle grows hotter as election day nears. Latest kerfuffle: Lavery’s claim that Peter Tesei hired his best friend to be Dock [sic] Master and bought him a new boat. Tesei denies it all.

“I’ve never met the man before,” he told our Scusie. “I was just walking around the dog park with Footzie when I saw this poor old fellow collecting recyclables from the trash and I said, ‘hey, you want a job? It only pays $750 a year, but that’s like 15,000 cans, which ain’t so bad’, and he took it. Besides, he’s our Harbor Master now, never steps foot on the docks.”

New hire Jonathan Asch tried confirming that. “I don’t know the guy from a hole in the wall,” he averred. Told that Tesei is in fact barely distinguishable from a hole a wall, Asch admitted, “well then yeah, I guess I might have seen him round.”

Lavery was not backing off. “Deck, dock, harbor, what’s the difference? I mean throwing around big bucks like this to some crony is just disgusting. I could send my dry cleaning to Paris for a week on that kind of dough. So what if they’re friends or not. So what if the boat I illustrated my flyer with wasn’t the exact boat – it’s still a boat, right? That’s what Frankie Fudrucker told me and he came up with that picture anyway – some guy in his office supplied it. But this isn’t about a couple of inaccuracies,” she said. “Jimbo Himes said he spent a year after college studying to be a roads scholar, like that made him a transportation expert or something, and no one called him on that. This is all because I’m a woman.”


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7 responses to “Food fight! Food fight!

  1. g-mom

    Lavery should focus on claims a little closer to home. The most recent mailing for the DTC claims Nancy Kail is the “founder” of the Greenwich Alliance for Education. That is a bit of an exaggeration – she was involved and the founding Chair but that is quite different then saying she was the founder of the organization.

  2. Stanwich

    Lavery is now resorting to outright lies. Just read the Greenwich Time article and it is obvious she is lying and won’t back down!

    The harbor master doesn’t even know Peter Tesei! What the hell is she talking about? And she voted for him anyway. This is such a waste of time.

    Lavery should go do her afternoon shopping at Richard’s and then slosh herself up at the country club. Leave the real work of administering the town to professionals.

  3. ff

    Oh, come on g-mom! I think when the organization puts the words “founding chair” on their own website, you can safely call that person a “founder”. I suppose George Washington is a fraud because his supporters call him a “founder”. What about Adams, fer gawdsakes! He is a founder too! Lets write these frauds out of the history books

  4. Cos Cobber

    All of this is pathetic. Tesei should announce a slander suit.

  5. The Word

    Lavery is like Hillary Clinton, except without the charm, beauty and respect for the truth.

    She’s an old school liberal witch who will work with Jim Himes and the Obama justice department to “remedy” the “long-standing racial imbalance” in Greenwich schools, on Greenwich beaches, in Greenwich housing, etc., just like they’re doing over the border in Westchester County.

    Imagine how our property values will soar when Westhill High students are being bussed into Greenwich!