They shoot horses, don’t they?

18 Ferncliff

18 Ferncliff Rd

Despite this ugly picture, this is a beautiful contemporary Deck House on Ferncliff Road with two bedrooms (“three, if you move a wall”, its agents says. “Fifteen, if you add 8,000 sq. ft.”, says I). It was first listed at the aggressive price of $1.995 million in 2007 and stayed at that price as the real estate market crested and collapsed. In 2008, the owners updated their kitchen and raised the price to $2.1950, only to drop it slowly to $1.950 and, finally, $1.9 million last month. So two years on the market without a sale plus maybe $100,000 in improvements now tossed away (the money spent on the improvements, not the improvements themselves). Again – this is a great little house, one that I’d love to live in myself, so if it’s not selling, my experience suggests that the problem lies with its price, not its merits.

Today the owners raised that price, to $1.950 million. Assessment, by the way, is $1.412 million.


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4 responses to “They shoot horses, don’t they?

  1. polly pavel

    here we go, now you’re going to get a bunch of ninnies jumping all over you for having that headline. Now you are going to get people accusing you of threatening to kill the owner of that house.

  2. Retired IB'er

    What do you think, stock market off a few hundred points today so they figured they’d make up their stock losses by raising the price of the house… NOT.

  3. Walt

    Weasel Boy –
    You better change that headline. It is offensive and inappropriate. And it scares the 5 Filly’s.
    Anyway, what are you going to be for Halloween? How about a businessman? You never had a real job, so you may like it.
    I can’t decide what I should be. I am leaning towards Jimmy Stewart, because it requires no work, or maybe a prisoner, because that will never happen.
    What kind of candy are you giving out? The real stuff or that crappy corn stuff? I bet the corn stuff. You loser. And how big is your house? I want to make sure I buy enough eggs and toilet paper. And the 50 pizzas will be at your house by 8:00. Do you care where I order? And do you like anchovies?
    Your Pal,