When you’re in a hole, stop digging

When Obama attacked fox News, the network’s ratings soared. Same thing, I’d guess, for Edmunds.com, the car information site that for bizarre reasons our President went after yesterday (well not that bizarre, they offered some facts that contradicted The Messiah’s claims for the Cash for Clunkers program). Now Edmunds has struck back. All this can only help Edmunds and hurt Obama – a fracas like this exposes the current Whiote House as a thin-skinned, bullying bunch of retards who can’t keep their attention on real issues or even distinguish between what is important and what is not. Good Lord.


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3 responses to “When you’re in a hole, stop digging

  1. Current Seller, Still

    I swear Obama has ADD. He can’t stay on topic, he picks fights, he starts a ton of things and never finishes a one! That’ll be $1000. for my diagnosis, please.

  2. Anonymous

    Obama’s attack is similar to those who sue for defamation – the result in both cases is a vastly increased amount of attention paid to the comments of both sides. An odd choice for the spending Presidential capital.

  3. Interested Observer

    He and his cronies haven’t yet figured out that he can’t still just vote “present” and get away with it.

    The whole bunch reminds me of playground bullies. A lot of mouth and bluster, but underneath it all, nothing of substance to back it all up.