Yesterday I asked how stupid Obama really was. Answer: this stupid.

Desecrated American flag video is finalist in DNC art contest. I don’t think Obama’s minions really set out deliberately to offend and alienate Americans, they’re just so wrapped up in their leftist fog that they are clueless. Clueless and dumb.


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2 responses to “Yesterday I asked how stupid Obama really was. Answer: this stupid.

  1. Pascale Luse

    I love the video. It is very creative. Could you send the link , so I can vote and forward to my friends.

  2. Anonymous

    The flag desecration is nothing compared to Obammy’s appointment of Kevin Jennings as the “Safe Schools Czar.”

    Kevin Jennings is a pedophilic homosexual who in an official capacity when approached by a young victim chose instead to defend the victim’s pedophilic homosexual rapist.

    There was a time when such a person would not live to see another day as a free man, but with the Obammy Administration, you get instead an appointment as a Czar in charge of children’s safety.

    If the mainstream media actually investigated and publicized this man’s history and appointment, the outrage would be uncontainable.

    Mr. Jennings is the author of the book: “Queering Elementary Education.” He has a cabinet level position.