Can’t we just slip them a little bubonic plague, instead?

While school children outside of Washington D.C. wait, Gitmo terrorists will receive swine flu vaccine. Since I lump swine flu right up there alongside global warming I’m not all that concerned that only the politically connected and terrorists are deemed worthy of protection from this mythical bug, but as a bit of symbolism, it’s interesting.


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4 responses to “Can’t we just slip them a little bubonic plague, instead?

  1. anonymous

    I agree it’s a little overblown, but mythical bug?

    • christopherfountain

      As usual, Anon, I’m deliberately overstating things. It’s more fun that way. But I can tell you now, if I do get the flu, swine or otherwise, this winter, I’ll never confess that on these pages!

  2. Old School Grump

    Just a CYA gesture so the UN/WHO can’t get their panties in a wad about yet another indication of the U.S.’s callous indifference to Gitmo residents’ well being.

    No seasonal flu OR H1N1 vaccines are currently available where I live, here in fly-over country. Oops, sigh, shrug, wink.

    But attention, folks in the Beltway; do you really want us older folks dropping like flies in 2010, the year of no estate taxes?

  3. Vegetarian Homeopathy Anonymous

    I’m more frightened of the vaccine than the bug.

    My personal lack of fear of the bug, is partly to do with me being convinced that I have actually had a similar illness sometime early last winter. My family followed slowly, at intervals, one by one, until around the February half term.

    In about April during the height of the scare, the Greenwich school nurse agreed with me, that there had definately been something unidentified going around in February.

    My paranoid fear is that the vaccine is a Trojan horse. Literally.I would have to be absolutely sure of its safety.