Food fight moves to Town Hall


Frankie Fudrucker compliments Livvy Floren on her dress

The great debate of 2009 focused on the Harbor Master yesterday and the going got tough. Lyn Lavery bitch-slapped an inebriated Livvy Floren for calling Lyn’s homeboy, Frankie the Fud, a “loser” whereupon Peter Crumbine jumped out of retirement and knocked Lavery sprawling on the floor. Selectman Tesei huddled under a desk while Jimbo Himes stood on it above him pleading, “please, people, can’t we all just get along?”

I’m told the whole fracas was recorded and is on the Chanel 12 news loop this weekend. Bring popcorn.


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11 responses to “Food fight moves to Town Hall

  1. Walt

    Pumpkin Head –
    What is the best street in Greenwich to trick or treat? Does Stevie Cohen answer the door and give out snickers? Will he give a zambonie ride? Does Judge Judy yell at the kids? I actually think she would be ok. And what about Paul Tudor Jones? He should be good for a full sized candy bar, right?
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      Come on down to Riverside, Walt – I’ve been getting busy all week, hiding razor blades in apples, dosing the peanuts with cyanide and all that. It’ll be great! Stevie Cohn will indeed welcome you in – be sure to use my name. Same for any Round Hill residents don’t miss Ric’s Place!
      Maher Avenue is supposed to have good stuff and of course, there’s always John Paul tudor Jone’s house – tell him you’re there for theChristmas show and he’ll probably take pity and toss a Snickers Bar your way. Non appetit!

  2. Walt

    Dude Man –
    I was thinking Cos Cob. But that really isn’t Greenwich, right? And they give those corn candies for sure. Which really sucks. I want the Reeses Pieces. Or suck it. You dressing up? Go as a bum. It matches your commisions. Have fun!!
    Your Pal,

    • christopherfountain

      I’m pretty sure there’s no trick or treating in Cos Cob though if there is, your prediction about crappy corn candy is spot on. I believe CC parents load the kids in those little lawn tractor things and chug up to the real Greenwich, where they unleash their children on Park Avenue and Mahr, rice bowls in hands, to beg for food.
      But I could be wrong – let’s ask Stanwich, if he hasn’t blocked his memory of his years of deprivation now that he’s moved to Riverside.

  3. 2112

    The Pond Place “loop” in Cos Cob is excellent and safe for the little ones.

  4. Walt

    Weasel Boy-
    Maher Avenue it is. But where is PTJ? I am going as Bernie. I figured why not? And Tudor should be good for a full kit kat bar. Right?
    Your Pal,

  5. Cos Cobber

    Actually, we’ll be doling out Reese’s Pieces, Hershey and KitKat. If you find that trifecta this evening then you have found the rock I live under.

    PS how many bags of flaming poo does CF get tonight? the over/under is 3.

  6. Cos Cobber

    I just read the gwich times article. I can’t believe Lavery had the nerve to say: “Let’s move on,We’re beating a dead horse here.”

    That is amazing.

    And for FF to question the purpose of the meeting? Hello, your candidate just issued a mailer laden with serious and apparently false allegations. Of course a meeting is necessary to set the record straight.

  7. Walt

    Cos Cobber –
    What is the street name? I find it hard to believe someone in that neighborhood could afford Reese’s Pieces, Hershey and KitKat. But hey, HAY!!!, I will knock on your door. The bag of SH*t was from Chris.
    Your Pal,

  8. christopherfountain

    Walt, the Food Bank makes Halloween candy donations to a few of the better streets in Cos Cob so that deserving families there can participate in the evening’s fun. Unfortunately, the Junior League has taken over that project in recent years so the handouts are all wholesome crud like apples, organic, sugar-free fruit roll-ups and celery sticks. Head for JPTJ’s instead (he’s right next to the clubhouse) and he’ll be passing out more traditional ethnic Cos Cob fare, beer and pretzels.